Beyond Just Mommy: Meet Kusuma Pujari!

Beyond Just Mommy: Meet Kusuma Pujari!

6 Oct 2014 | 3 min Read

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Kusuma, a mommy of two, knew the importance of being with her kids in their childhood while also establishing a mark for herself. This is her story of starting Beyond Horizons Learning Hub, a unique activity based learning center for kids.

1. My mom quotient:




I am a mother of two. 8 year old son and 1 ½ year old daughter. I am a typical mom, as I am always running behind my 2 kids while bearing their tantrums. The need to spend more quality time with my kids made me quit my job and enjoy their childhood. I am a mom who loves to pamper my children but within limits and in control balanced manner. I feel, as parents, we need to step into their shoes and think before we act, because the li’l ones are watching us. We should make our efforts to provide them a good foundation for life as it easiest at this nascent stage when they are vulnerable and will learn what we want them to.

2. My Mom Inc. Story:

Now that my li’l girl is 1.5 years, I wanted to go ahead and work. But again job would have meant less time with my kids. That’s when, I thought to start my own venture and along with Ms. Sonam and Ms. Farida, we decided to start a learning hub for kids where kids can learn things beyond the school learning. My previous experience as a Teacher, made me realise how kids develop holistically when activities are introduced along with the normal curriculum and this idea struck me – Beyond Horizon Learning Hub LLP was initiated. We have introduced two activities presently viz. Design and Technology Club and Brain Gym. And many more are in the pipeline.

3. Who inspired/ supported me:

I have always been motivated by my husband Mr. Pramod Pujari to start my independent venture. And after being a mother, the need to be with my children became my motivation.

4. Advice/tips:

You need to promote yourself on a larger scale to be best viewed and social media is the convenient and best. You need to know your target audience and have a strategy to reach them. It is also challenging to manage time along with your kids. Organising your day and planning in advance will help you balance family and work.

5. I love BabyChakra because it’s very encouraging and motivating for mom-entrepreneurs.

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