Toddler Breakfast Series - Date and Nut Milkshake

Toddler Breakfast Series - Date and Nut Milkshake

Every morning, you are probably racking your brains trying to be creative in making a breakfast that’s wholesome and is attractive for your kid!


Here’s offering you some relief. I am starting a series of breakfast recipes for toddlers and pre-schoolers.


The first one is a nutritious Date and Nut Milkshake - nutritious, yummy and high on energy! The taste resembles a chocolate milkshake which means the kids can never say no to it!


Date and Nut Milkshake for Toddlers

Serving – 1 tall glass of milkshake



6 nos Dates

6 nos Almonds

1 tsp raisins

Milk – 1.5 cups

1 cup vanilla ice cream (60 grams)

1 tsp sugar



Step 1 - Soak dates in ½ cup hot water. Soak Almonds and Raisins in 1/4th cup hot water.



Step 2 – After 10 minutes, remove dates from water and deseed them. Remove stalks of raisins.



Step 3 – Blend dates, almonds, raisins with sugar and ½ cup milk to a fine paste.



Step 4 – Add the remaining milk and ice cream to the blender jar and whip up to prepare a delicious milkshake. You could even add ice cubes at this stage, if your kid likes it a bit cold.


Tip: If you are not in favour of preparing the milkshake with ice cream then, replace it with cream and increase the sugar by 1 teaspoon.


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