Should I Leave my Job? - Asks a New Mother on BabyChakra. Read What Moms Like You Had to Say...

Many of us (moms) have been raised to think independently and have the necessary education to earn our own living. But reality strikes when a working woman has a baby! The love of both worlds pulls her apart. Probably even a 6 month maternity leave isn’t long enough for her to decide. We have seen so many mothers on the horns of this dilemma.


This conversation had it all - the pain, the concern, the fear, the love, the sense of duty or its loss and a lot more...


A new mother anonymously asked, “Should I leave my job? I am being asked by family because they say family is more important. But I love being financially independent and I have worked hard for this position. I also love my baby. What to do?”


Here’s a glimpse from the discussion thread -



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This is one sensational topic

Thank you for sharing such a useful post. Shows the feeling of all women.

Bhuvana Venkat Singh Pavithra Harneet Khurana Jenitha Ralini Pooja Dixit Khushboo Chouhan Lopamudra Nayak Sravanthi Reddy Yashika Kansal shalini pandey Madhuri J Sumira Bhatia Deepu Manyam Nazia Khan durga salvi Sachi Singhal Anusha Priya Aparna Motapothula Vijaya D Rubly Khan Aarti Bhardwaj

It is a big question mark in my life right now should i wany to go for r not? It is necessary to do job but if i go job no one is their to look after my baby son im so much worried?

Thank you babychakra for bringing this topic. Even I'm in confusion about continuing my job. I feel so depressed when I think that I couldn't continue my job.; I was working for the last 5 years. Not so easy to quit. I love my baby. I'm even concerned that I should fullfill her nutrition which is possible only I stay with her. I can't trust anyone in this. Dont know what I will do.

That's a big question for me as well.. n I'm super confused as I have some concerns abt keeping my baby at home n hence wondering as to whether I should stay back home or go back to work.

Same with me, I am so confused right now. Don't wanna leave my baby alone but I don't want to give up on my career goals as well so damn confused.

I decided to continue working and also looking after my daughter. I joined work when my baby was 5 months old. She is 7 months now and I balance both well, my work and my baby without any guilt.

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