An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, Really? Check Facts Again!

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, Really? Check Facts Again!

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit (possibly an Apple) and died in the Garden of Eden. That is one story we will remember. We will also remind ourselves a popular saying that has kept the Doc away. All this while we’ve been chomping on sweet and sometimes sour apples daily, however, researchers  and  experts are advising a word of caution.




While Apple may be the healthiest of fruits stay away from those apple seeds for they can be fatal. How can an apple seed can be fatal? Well, the seeds of this crunchy fruit contain amygdalin a substance that releases cyanide when it comes in contact with our digestive system.



A popular news daily reported that amygdalin contains cyanide and sugar which when ingested by the body gets converted into Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN). This can make you sick or even kill you. The daily went on to add that acute toxicity is rare with accidental ingestion of seeds.  It’s highly unlikely that you will consume enough apple seeds to poison yourself. But then, better safe than sorry!       


This article was originally published in The Times of India.


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