Looking For Sugar Alternatives? How About Some Palm Candy For You & Your Eye Candy?

Yesterday, I came to know about Palm candy (Taal mishri in Hindi and Panakarkandu in Tamil)... my MIL said they used to give Palm candy to children instead of sugar. I then did some research about it and thought of sharing with you all as this is really a nice substitute for sugar.


This is what I found -


Palm Candy is a nutrient rich, low Glycemic crystalline sweetener; it is completely natural. It has a number of minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron and phyto nutrients including zinc and potassium. The sugar content in palm sugar is well balanced. It is a good source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Palm sugar having Glycemic index is good for women with PCOS.



To understand how to use Palm Sugar and read the full post, click here.


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