Tummy Time for Babies 4 Months+: DIY Button Activity

Tummy Time for Babies 4 Months+: DIY Button Activity

If you have been following this series of tummy time activities, you would know the benefits by now!


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To keep the fun going, here’s another easy-to-do DIY tummy time activity.


Things that you need for DIY Tummy Time Button Activity:


  • Buttons
  • Few drops of food colour (optional)
  • Zip lock
  • Gel (any kinds would work)
  • Sticking tape
  • BABYYY!!!

How to do this tummy time button activity:

  1. Combine everything in a ziplock bag. We recommend putting this in another ziplock to prevent tearing.
  2. Tape this to the floor or a flat surface where you can leave little one to crawl.
  3. Watch the little one trying to move the buttons around, demonstrate colour preference and demonstrate fine motor action.
  4. Once the baby is done and exhausted, cut the zip-lock gently and get ready to frame baby’s first artwork!!


Tips for moms whose babies don’t enjoy tummy time:


1. Make sure baby is fed

Ensure that the baby is fed. The same rules apply for sleepiness levels. Hungry and tired babies are not great candidates for tummy time.


2. Keep the baby company

It can be difficult lying out on the floor all by yourself. Add to this that you can’t really lift your head up to see what’s going on. Keep your baby distracted and entertained by joining her on the floor and playing with her by pulling silly faces, singing and generally encouraging her.


3. Scan the area

Don’t  forget to check the area. Do test if it is too cold or too hot. Sometimes babies get cranky if the floor is too slippery.


4. Keep a diaper on

I have noticed that my babies were happiest in tummy time when their legs were bare. So for bottoms, I recommend diapers only!


5. Take it slow

Your baby doesn’t have to lie on her belly for 15 minutes right away. Start with one to two-minute increments a couple of times per day and then work your way up from there.


Note: Not only does it work well for babies, but for toddlers too! So once baby is done, you can reuse the same material. You see that round ring on the ziplock. Yes, that one! Ask your older one to put the same coloured buttons in or simply count and put in the number you speak to turn it into a counting or a colour sorting activity for your toddler.


Happy Tummy Time for your baby and you!


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