“I have been breastfeeding non-stop for the last four years”, Dr Payal shares the formula for successful breastfeeding.

The golden rule passed on by my mum and elder sister was-- feed, feed and feed some more!


Never forget that it’s all about demand and supply.


1. Get your gynaecologist to examine your breasts if you have a doubt about flat or inverted nipples so you are prepared for what to do once baby comes. Also the size of breasts isn't that important. I know of women with large breasts who are unable to lactate.



2. Get set go! Try to feed the baby/put baby to breast right away after birth, but don't feel guilty if you can't. The first time I fed my newborns was on day 2 of cesarean as I was unable to turn or sit up on the first day or, night. Once you are able to sit, put baby to breast as often as you can and learn the correct position and technique for latching from the staff nurse/doctor while in hospital itself. Usually they will be happy to help.

The first few days your breasts will produce a sticky yellow substance called colostrum- the amount will be small but is sufficient for baby.


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3. I did not time feeds. I have fed for 5 minutes or 45 minutes, at intervals of half hour or 5 hours. I never checked the clock.


4. Don’t stop. I went through pain from sore nipples and engorgement, but fed through all of it. I would recommend you see a doctor for these problems though as they can lead to complications.


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5. Consult when in doubt. Don't hesitate to ask for help, lactation specialists are available. The first few weeks are very important to establish breastfeeding.


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I wish I knew this before

My baby was not able to latch initially due to which I suffered engorgement. I used to remain frustrated as I saw my baby crying for first two days. Then I started expressing it out and fed him with spoon. After coming back home got a manual breast pump and used to express milk day and night due to which my fingers used to ache. Then I got an automatic pump which was awful. It made my nipples sore. Even my breast milk supply reduced. Another stressful situation. But one thing that I consistently did was had papaya and masoor daal. Slowly and gradually my milk supply increased and my baby also learned to latch. Now I happily breastfeed my baby at any hour of the day irrespective of wherever I am whether in the cab or on airport.. Even when i am out for shopping.

Very helpful

It's indeed encouraging

When should I stop breastfeeding the baby mine is going to b 2yrs?

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