12 Things to Remember When You Start Solids With Your Child. #10 is an eye-opener!

12 Things to Remember When You Start Solids With Your Child. #10 is an eye-opener!

Weaning begins when you introduce your baby to an alternative  method of nutrition besides breast milk. Breast Milk is the best source of nutrition for your infant up to 6 months of age. Once your baby turns six months, you can start introducing some solids to the baby.


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There are two schools of thought here. The first considers offering the baby semi solids, mashed and pureed foods. Foods are introduced one at a time and a schedule is followed. The other school of thought advocates Baby-Led Weaning where suitable foods are introduced to the baby and the baby chooses and self feeds. You can make your choice as per your family’s preferences.


These tips should help you in the process!


1. Do not stress or be anxious if your little one shows an absolute resistance to food. It is normal. In fact, your anxiety will make your  little one anxious and increase the resistance.


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2. Follow your doctor or a nutritionist’s guidelines. Do not follow random advice in the weaning phase.

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To consult Mom-Baby nutritionists, click here.


3. Use plastic bowls and plates and ensure that the spoons are well rounded and smooth. Wash them well with clean water before serving the baby.

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4. Your baby will give you signs that he / she is ready for solids. Watch for them before you start. Baby should be able to sit up supported, Baby should be showing an interest towards the foods that you eat, Baby may be drooling excessively and the Baby’s weight is now starting to plateau.


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5. There is no rush – Introduce one food at a time and give a gap of three days before you try another food. This will help you watch for any reactions.

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6. If baby shows a reaction like a rash, loose motions or constipation please report to the doctor.

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7. Follow a schedule and feed baby in a designated place and at the designated meal time.

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8. Start with one meal at a time and gradually introduce more meals. If baby is gaining well then you may want to introduce a new meal once a month.


9. Do not feed baby something new when baby is tired, sleepy or hungry.

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10. Remember tastes take time to develop and it can take about 21 trials of a food for a taste to develop, so don’t get discouraged.


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11. Do not force feed. Allow the baby to tell you when to stop.

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12. Most important, Do not use the TV, Tablet or Phone to distract the baby while eating.

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Remember to enjoy the process instead of worrying about why your child eats so less! Hunger is the best sauce so just do your bit in terms of introducing him/ her to new foods. They have a lifetime to feed themselves!


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