5 Expert-Approved Natural Remedies for Loose Motions in Babies That Are Sure to Heal!

5 Expert-Approved Natural Remedies for Loose Motions in Babies That Are Sure to Heal!

26 Jul 2017 | 3 min Read


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Passage of watery, foul smelling, different colored stools, occurring at an increased frequency i.e. diarrhea invariably occurs at some point in every infant’s life. Teething is a common cause; however viral, bacterial and other parasitical infections cannot be ignored. Rather than reaching out for OTC drugs, here are some home remedies to treat your baby scientifically yet effectively.


1. Oral Rehydrating Solution (ORS)


Loose motions can rapidly dehydrate your baby because a lot of water and salts are lost from the body. To restore the fluid and salt balance, ORS is the most effective and affordable option available. There are ready-to-use sachets available in the markets or, it can also be easily prepared at home.


How to make ORS at home?

  • Add 6 teaspoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt in 1 liter of boiled and cooled water. Make your child take a few sips of this drink every 30 mins.


Watch this video to understand how to use ORS.

Source: Praphatsorn Chaphakdee


2. Rice kanji

This is another form of homemade ORS. Cook half a cup of rice in water for 10-15 minutes. Then add 1 teaspoon of salt and some more water to make it up to 1 liter. Give this to your infant at 30 minute intervals throughout the day to restore lost water and salts.




3. Curd or Buttermilk

Home made fresh curd/buttermilk is a great option since it is gut friendly. Probiotics in curd help in restoring the natural gut flora.



4. Mashed Bananas and Boiled Potatoes



Apart from being effective in controlling diarrhea, bananas and potatoes also provide energy to your child to combat the weakness encountered with fluid and electrolyte loss. They are high in calories and give energy while the potassium in bananas replaces lost salts. 


5. Breastfeeding


If you are breastfeeding, continue doing the same and at more frequent intervals. Breast milk has all the essential nutrients to help your baby fight infections including immunoglobulins that help overcome infections quicker.


If the baby continues to be unwell or, symptoms worsen even after trying home remedies, immediately consult a pediatrician.


Watch this video for more tips on treating loose motions at home:

Source: WaysAndHow


Disclaimer: This article has been written by a homeopath for the users of BabyChakra. This does not replace consultation with a pediatrician.


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