How to Help My Child Learn - Sensory Activity Series - Texture Play: 2-3 years

As a parent, you are probably trying hard to engage your child in a fun and intelligent way! What they really need though, are experiences and exposures appropriate to their age.


With this series on age appropriate activities targeted at specific skills, it will get easier for you to plug and play!


Let’s get started with sensory development!


Sensory development isn’t all about touch! It's also about the other senses. Sensory exploration is a child's way of examining, discovering, categorizing and making sense of the world. It helps your child build new ways of talking about the world!


Activity: Texture play


How it will help your child: This activity enhances their visual and touch sense. They also learn to name them like rough, smooth, hard etc


Materials needed: Cardboard pieces (5”x5”) 10 nos., cotton balls, pipe cleaners, sponge, buttons, pom-pom, pistachio shells, walnut shells, kidney beans, popsicle sticks, sand waste material (4.5”x4.5”) like pieces of fur, jute, net, laces, satin cloth, foam sheet, corrugated sheet, fevicol.



  • Paste the waste materials on the cardboard pieces separately.
  • Each side of the cardboard can have any particular texture material.
  • Materials like pom-poms, buttons, cotton balls etc could be pasted close to each other to fill the space on the card.

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  • Once it is done, you may use the kit as cards or may punch it on one side and tie a ribbon to make it a texture book.

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  • You may name each card according to its texture, e.g. cotton balls – soft, buttons – hard, kidney beans/ shells – bumpy, sponge – spongy, sand- rough and others.

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How to play with your child: Encourage your child to touch every side of the card. Ask them how they feel and name them. Once s/he is very familiar with the cards, you may ask him/her to identify the material touching their skin, without seeing it.


Hope your child enjoys the activity! Don't forget to take pictures as even while learning, you are creating memories of a lifetime!


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