100+ Modern Indian Baby Names With Meaning (2022)

100+ Modern Indian Baby Names With Meaning (2022)

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Are you looking for baby names that are attached to Indian cultures and traditions? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we have compiled a list of modern Indian baby names with meaning, both for baby girls and boys to help you pick a suitable option for your little angel.

Most of these baby names are derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit and have rich meanings and depth. They are beautiful, unique, and attractive and can perfectly portray your little one’s characteristics. So, explore the list to find the right title for your little one.

Popular Modern Indian Baby Boy Names For 2022

Modern Indian baby names
These modern baby boy names are derived from India’s ancient languages and have rich meanings and depth
Modern Indian Baby Boy NamesMeaning Of Modern Indian Baby Boy NamesOrigin
AadeshOrder, commandSanskrit
AakashSkyVedic Sanskrit
AahanFirst ray of light, dawn, sunriseSanskrit
AaravWisdom, one who is peacefulSanskrit
AbhayBrave, FearlessSanskrit
AbhimanyuHeroic, passionate.
Name of Arjun’s son in Mahabharata
AditFrom the beginningSanskrit
AdrithOne who supports others.
Another name for Lord Vishnu
AdvaithFree from duality, uniqueSanskrit
AgatsyaMountain throwerHindu mythology
AkshajA thunderboltHindu mythology
AkshatOne who can neither be harmed nor injuredSanskrit
AkshayOne who is immortalSanskrit
Also one of the names of Lord Ganesha
AnkitA symbol, distinguished, or chosen oneSanskrit
AnshDay or portion.
Also refers to Lord Vishnu
ArnavOceans. Sea. wavesSanskrit
AryanAncient, spiritual, or someone nobleSanskrit
AyanshGod’s gift, first rays of lightSanskrit
BharatClever, God of fireHindu mythology
BhargavOne who attains radianceHindu mythology
ChetanVigour, intelligenceSanskrit
DaiwikDivine, sacred, by the grace of GodSanskrit
DarshThe moon just becomes visible.
Modern variation of Lord Krishna’s name
Hindu mythology
DevGod or LordSanskrit
DhruvPole starSanskrit
DipankarLight or flameSanskrit
EshaanthStrong sense of prudence.
Also refers to Lord Vishnu
Hindu mythology
GauravHonour, pride, dignitySanskrit
Also refers to Lord Buddha
HarshadOne who gives joy and happinessSanskrit
HitenThe heartSanskrit
IndraKing of all GodsIndian mythology
IshankPeak of the mighty HimalayasHindu mythology
IvaanGlorious and gracious gift of GodSanskrit
JatinAn individual with matted hair.
Also referred to as Lord Shiva
Hindu mythology
Revered name of a Sufi saint.
KaranA talented and intelligent warrior or personHindu mythology
KartikOne who bestows courageSanskrit
KrishWitty, charming, and an intellect.
A modern variant of Lord Krishna’s name
Hindu mythology
KunalLotus, one who sees beauty in everythingSanskrit
LakshyaTarget or goalSanskrit
LalitCharming, handsome, and gracefulSanskrit
One of the many names of Lord Shiva
Hindu mythology
ManishThe God of mindSanskrit
MihirRays of the sunSanskrit
NaitikA good-natured individual with great moralsSanskrit
NavinNew Sanskrit
NeilBlueHindu mythology
NihalSuccessful, positive, prosperousSanskrit
NikunjA sweet-smelling fragranceSanskrit
NishantDawn or early morningSanskrit
OmkarThe sound of the sacred syllableHindu mythology
ParagPollens of the flowerSanskrit
ParthivSon or prince of the EarthHindu mythology
PranithCalmness, modestySanskrit
PremLove or belovedSanskrit
RaghavDescendants of Lord RamaHindu mythology
RahulCompetent, efficientSanskrit
RakeshLord of the full moonSanskrit
RanveerWinner, or who is the winner of the battleSanskrit
RaunakPride and glory, or, happiness and lightSanskrit
ReyanshFirst rays of lightHindu mythology
RiteshOne who guards the truthSanskrit
RonitA charming young manSanskrit
SachitOne who is always joyfulSanskrit
SahilBank of an oceanSanskrit
ShaktiPowerHindu mythology
SpandanSound of the heartbeatSanskrit
TanmayTo be engrossedSanskrit
TusharFine drops of waterSanskrit
VanshComing generationSanskrit
VeerBrave and courageousSanskrit
ViratBrilliant or majesticSanskrit
VyomSkyHindu mythology
YashvirBrave and gloriousHindu mythology
YuvrajPrince or heirSanskrit

Popular Modern Indian Baby Girl Names For 2022

Modern Indian baby names
These names have religious significance and are unique and attractive
Modern Indian Baby Girl NamesMeaning Of Modern Indian Baby Girl NamesOrigin
AaptiFullfilmentHindu scriptures
AarushiFirst rays of the sunSanskrit
AashritaOne who has taken refuge in the LordSanskrit
AbhiramiGoddess LakshmiHindu mythology
AditiFree and unboundedSanskrit
AnviGoddess of the forestSanskrit
AnikaGraceHindu mythology
AnushaBeautiful morning or a starSanskrit
AradhyaOne who is worth worshippingSanskrit
AvaniEarthHindu mythology
BanhiPower, spiritualityHindu mythology
BhavyaSplendid, grandSanskrit
BipashaA riverSanskrit
ChhayaReflection, shadowSanskrit
DhritiCourage and enduranceSanskrit
DevinaLike a GoddessHindu mythology
ElaCardamom treeSanskrit
EdhaSacredHindu mythology
GitashriBhagavad GitaHindu mythology
Giva Living beingSanskrit
HymaGoddess ParvatiHindu mythology
IdikaThe earthSanskrit
JhanviDaughter of Yaksha, the wiseHindu mythology
JoshikaYoung maidenSanskrit
KashikaThe shiny oneSanskrit
KavyaPoem in HindiSanskrit
KiaraBlack or darkEnglish origin
LatikaSmall creeperSanskrit
MahiThe worldSanskrit
MiraA devout follower of Lord KrishnaHindu mythology
NavyaYoung or newSanskrit
NeilaSaphhire blueSanskrit
NimishaMomentaryHindu mythology
PrishaBeloved, God’s giftHindu mythology
RykaBorn out of a prayerSanskrit
SaanviGoddess LakshmiHindu mythology
SuhanaStarIndian mythology
UdyatiGreat choice, elevatedSanskrit
UrmikaSmall waveSanskrit


So there you have it! An extensive list of modern Indian baby names inspired by our nation’s rich heritage and ancient languages. Although they have been used for many years, they are still among the trendiest modern baby names in India. So, grab a pen and diary, sit with your partner and choose the name that would suit your baby perfectly.

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