26 Modern, Indian Baby Names That Are Already Old!

26 Modern, Indian Baby Names That Are Already Old!

They say, “It is when you are trying to name your baby, that you realize how many people you have a problem with!”


If you have been successful in naming your baby without any hassle, then congratulations, you belong to the small percentage of parents who have undergone life’s real struggle! So if you’re planning on naming your new baby with the likes of Rahul, Rohan, Raj, Karan, or, Sara, Sasha, Myra, Samaira, allow us to update you on some names that are ALREADY way too common.


Here are 12 names for both boys and girls that you can strike out to save your child the confusion during roll call in their class!

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Most Common Boy Names:


  1. Aarav (Name of Akshye Kumar’s son)
  2. Reyansh
  3. Mohammad (the most common name cross the world)
  4. Vivaan
  5. Ayaan
  6. Vihaan
  7. Atharva
  8. Shaurya
  9. Sadvik
  10. Advik
  11. Adita
  12. Karan


 Kid-Aviral Saxena ( Baby of MomStar Iti Saxena)

 Most Common Girl Names:


  1. Aadya
  2. Saanvi
  3. Amaira
  4. Aaradhya (Name of Aishwarya Rai’s daughter)
  5. Riya/Rhea/Ria
  6. Shanaya
  7. Diya
  8. Jiya
  9. Ananya
  10. Angel
  11. Myra
  12. Samaira
  13. Prisha
  14. Sara


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With the above list in hand you can now resort to ancient ones! Another strategy could be to make a new name by merging the names of both parents. Like a friend of mine who named their son ‘Meransh’ a mix of MEhak and RAvi's ansh, also, MERA(my) – ansh. Cool, isn’t it?!


If you want to help a friend or relative who is struggling to find an unique name for their baby, do share this article with them!


Do you think we missed out on any common names? Share with us in the comments below so that we can update this list!


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