5 Home Remedies to Comfort Your Child During Fever

5 Home Remedies to Comfort Your Child During Fever

Fever is one thing which can trouble your baby and you multiple times in a year throughout the early childhood (0-5) years .


Here are some handy tips that can help you lower your  child’s temperature safely and bring in some relief.


1. Cold Compress

  • Take some tap water in a bowl, soak a clean cloth in the water.
  • Place the wet cloth on your baby’s forehead.
  • Replace the cloth when it gets warm with a fresh one.
  • Repeat till the temperature reduces.



2. Keep your baby in a cool place

  • Keep your baby in relatively cooler temperature (22-24 oC)
  • Don’t use temperatures lower than 22 oC, as it can make your baby feel cold and cause shivering.
  • If using a fan, avoid keeping the baby directly under it and  keep the fan at a low setting.


3. Lukewarm bath or sponge bath

  • A lukewarm bath or body sponging can help your baby relax and regulate body temperature.
  • It also improves sleep, helping in speedy recovery.
  • Give 2-3 baths a day for babies younger than 6 months; 5-6 baths can be given to older babies.



 4. Right clothing

  • It’s a common mistake to layer the child in clothes, during fever.
  • Dress your baby in one layer of light clothing, preferably loose and of cotton.
  • Use only a light blanket to cover the baby.



5. Breast milk

  • If your baby is under six months, breast milk is important in balancing nutrients and strengthening immunity. So, breastfeed your baby frequently.
  • If your baby is refusing feeding, you can use a breast pump and feed using a spoon.



6. Fluids

  • Fluids help in cooling down as well as replace the fluid loss occurring through perspiration, especially in babies older than 6 months.
  • You can give ORS solutions in warm water.
  • You can also give cold milk, fruit juice, or yoghurt.


It is important to consult your pediatrician and not to self-medicate, if the temperature is too high.


Take care! Offer a lot of body contact and love through your palms.

Disclaimer: BabyChakra does not promote self-diagnosis or self-medication. The views expressed thereof, are by a homeopathic consultant, and are purely for informative purposes.


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