A Mom's 5 Tips on How She Soothed Her Teething Baby Without Pacifiers

A Mom's 5 Tips on How She Soothed Her Teething Baby Without Pacifiers

I have a 8 month old baby who has two teeth on the lower jaw but is still constantly struggling with itchy gums. She is constantly pursing her lips and is extremely cranky. I, however, have noticed that there are some things that give her some solace.


Sharing those little tips with you here -


Breastmilk popsicles and frozen teethers work like magic! You can also try giving them popsicles made of food purees if they are willing. As long as it is cold, it soothes the itching sensation.

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Babywearing has helped immensely to help overcome any crankiness she may be having at that point of time. Moreover, she falls asleep quicker if cosied up in a carrier snug to you.

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Taking a walk or just stepping outdoors from the usual setting helps in diverting her mind. She is more stimulated in the new surrounding and that helps her forget temporarily about the teething trouble.


Breastfeeding is my go-to and should be yours too, if your baby is on breastfeed currently. They feel more secure and soothed.


I would not recommend screen time but you can sing rhymes and dance with the baby. Encourage them to join in or just clap around. It is wildly distracting and they have fun too!

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Do try them out and if you have any tips of your own, do share them with me.


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