How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 14 Months

How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 14 Months

Bonding with my child through various developmental activities has given me some beautiful memories of motherhood. That’s why I so love age-appropriate Montessori-inspired activities for my child! Not only do they help with their motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills but help us bond better with the child!


At 14 months, your child is exploring more and moving around faster now!


Posting  Activities – Continuing last month’s posting activity, you can take it to another level of difficulty or use different materials to drop/post so that your child can get a grip of different materials of different sizes and textures. It helps in sensory input as well. Here is my son dropping pompoms into a cardboard box with a hole just big enough for the pompom to go inside. You can also give big buttons and a box with slits to drop them inside. In this activity, the child also has to figure out the right direction so that the button goes inside.



Stacking Blocks – I got my son these simple nesting/stacking blocks and he loved them. In the initial months, I used to stack them and he would kick and tumble them around. At 14 months, he was able to hold them and stack on each other, not necessarily according to the size. But stacking in itself is an important skill to master around this age. You can also give your child simple building blocks to stack.


Music Instrument – You should read my previous articles in this series, where I wrote about introducing music instruments to children as young as 6 months. At this age, I introduced flute to my son because I saw he was able to blow air from his mouth nicely. Apart from the musical sensibility benefits, this activity also exercises the oral muscles of the child and the child is amazed with the cause & effect of the flute, blowing air producing sounds!

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Sensory Play (Water & Sand) – Sensory inputs and plays are extremely important for young children. You can expose them to different textures like grass, sand, water, pebbles among others. My son enjoyed sand and water a lot. It is never too early to take your child to a swimming pool, ensuring hygiene, of course!


Reading – I can say this over and over again – read, read, read to your child, it does wonders! You will feel immense joy when your child will take out a book and read to himself happily. Note that I have kept the books basket on the floor so that my son can pick up a book by himself and explore. He loves books and at this age, he would ask me what is written, almost everywhere. He was extremely curious, and every child is! You can read out anything from your surroundings. I even read out banners to him in a bank because he constantly asked me what is written.


Hope you are having fun going through this series! If you have been able to do these or any other activities with your child, do share your experiences!


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