Oopsie Poopsie! Sumira's Hilarious Story of Surviving the Poop Onslaught!

If there was anything that would've made my stomach jump up like a Mexican bean, it was the sight, the sound or even the thought of POOP!  


(Trivial trivia: Yes,  there are beans that jump! Yes, they are Mexican!)  


Parenthood is not for the meek hearted, you HAVE to be overbearing like a resilient soldier in a battlefield because there is pee, poop and PLENTY of it. Raising a white flag and calling truce is NOT an option. So, we learnt to face our fears. The first two days were easy peasy without as much a peep from the anus-lar department.


But then it came down, like incessant Bombay rain, the granular mustard shower which just wouldn't stop. Sometimes as many as 6-7 times a day!!


We had to keep our ammunitions at the ready!!


Sterilised cotton (lots of it) : ☑ CHECK


Plastic bags (for the not-so-sterilised-anymore cotton): ☑CHECK


Gentle moisturizer for baby bum: ☑  CHECK


Fresh nappies (about a few hundred should be fine): ☑ CHECK



Bucket with DD (detergent and dettol for the dirty laundry-for your after poop amusement): ☑ CHECK



Sanitizer (to maintain your hygiene sanity): ☑ CHECK


This is what our lives had come down to, Joy (the hubbub), me, our precious little bundle and his poop: but we egged on!  


After him having pooped on our laps, on our bare hands, on our clothes, in public places, it doesn't gross us out anymore. In FACT, we now cheer him on when he poops. Now that he is three months old, his poop levels have come down considerably, the baby has shown mercy. Hurrah hurrah!


You see, there's NEVER a dull moment in parenthood. It will keep you on your toes till you just learn to jiggy with it!


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Comments (10)

asha chaudhry

this is so oopsie poopsie sumira!!!

Pooja Singh

absolutely true nd I'm also very afraid of seeing poop😂 that's y I'm unable to switch to CDs nd preferring DDs only...hush!! DDs are panacea to me against poop. 😂
still whenever she poops i start running in d whole room in d search of changing mat, diaper nd wipes😂

Anushika Singh

Awesome Blossom!!

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

😁😁 nice Sumira...

Shruti Giri

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Sheeba Vijesh

a sumaira post always promises to be a riot.... goodness i was getting nostaligic about the poopie days, once you start the solids, thankfully the runny ones turn to solid ones... now you only have to worried about stink bombs and not the mustardy showers🙌😂

Kamalini Rao

I can relate to this because

Kamalini Rao

My baby does potty just before or after I start eating food.. 😢

Sumira Bhatia

Hahaha just read the comments on this

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