How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 15 Months

How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 15 Months

There is so much that we can do with kids, making it both fun and educational at the same time! I have chalked out a Montessori-inspired month-wise schedule of developmental and fun activities. I am hoping all you awesome moms will get some ideas from them and spend some quality time with your li’l ones!


Posting  Activities – My son seems to be enjoying different variations of the posting/dropping activity and so I decided to do one with him this month as well. The idea of this activity is to drop things and see how they behave. You can take cues from your child and increase the complexity as you go ahead. I used a left-over plastic glass that has an opening for the straw. The task was to drop ear buds inside the glass from the opening. Such activities build concentration along with fine motor development.




Fitting Into Cavities – This activity also helps fine motor activity and improved hand-eye coordination. I used a simple abacus game that I had at home and let my son insert the rods into the cavities. You can easily make this yourself with a cardboard box and popsicle sticks. Just make slits in the box and let your child insert popsicle sticks into it.



Pouring – By now, your child might have started transferring things from one container to another. Get your child to practise more of that using readily available kitchen utensils. There will be lots of spills but that is how they learn to control hand movements. This is yet another fine motor activity and builds concentration too. Here in the picture, my son is transferring water and having a sip too! You can even make this even more fun by introducing it during a bath!



Musical Instrument – Musical instruments can be introduced to children as young as 6 months. At this age, I introduced my son to a xylophone since I noticed that he was fairly accurate in hitting something on target. Apart from developing musical sensibilities, this activity also helps in hand-eye coordination.



Miniatures – I love miniatures and I collect them every now and then! My son is crazy about vehicles so I got him lots of vehicle miniatures. You can get miniatures of fruits, vegetables, animals etc depending on your child’s interest. There are so many ways you can play with miniatures - free play, science experiments, pretend play, language games, matching games and so much more! And they will come in handy for years to come.



Flash Cards – I used free printables off the internet to introduce new concepts and add to my child’s vocabulary. I just printed and pasted them onto a piece of cardboard. You can laminate them too. I have also used store-bought sheets on different topics that are usually used for kid’s project work, they work pretty well too. Here in this picture, you can see flash cards of Indian musical instruments that we were working with during a train journey.


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