Excerpts of Live Chat with Dr. Indu Khosla:  Vaccination 101 for Your Baby: 0-3 Months (Part 1)

Excerpts of Live Chat with Dr. Indu Khosla: Vaccination 101 for Your Baby: 0-3 Months (Part 1)

16 Aug 2017 | 6 min Read


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In case you missed out on this super informative chat about your baby’s vaccines with the pediatrician, Dr Indu Khosla, here’s an excerpt for you to catch up!

Q. I want to know if there is any major difference between  painless and pain injections.

A. Vaccination is important. Both DTwP (painful)  and DTaP (less painful) are almost equal in efficiency. So, it is important to vaccinate them. You can choose either based on your comfort level.


Q. The vaccination at the time of birth has caused a swelling in my baby’s arms. It is still there even though he is 4 months old now.  When will it get better? Doctor had told me that it can get worse but so far, it has just been a swelling.

A. All BCG vaccinations can lead to swelling from 6 weeks to 3-4 months and in some cases, swelling can increase or decrease upto 7-8 months. No active treatment is required unless it is painful or swelling is very high.


Q. Last week, my daughter got DTP vaccines. There’s a hardness in that area. Elders in my family said that will heal on its own. But now that area is itching and has also turned bluish. Is this normal?

A. If it is painful for the baby, please consult your pediatrician. If not, wait for a month, it shall subside.


Q. My baby was given a polio injection. Do I still need to give him polio drops?

A. Polio vaccine and drops both are mandatory and should be given.


Q. My baby girl has Low Birth Weight. Born on June 17, vaccines were not given till she achieved normal baby weight. Now, she is 2.5 kg and is passing watery stools for the past few days. Doctor has prescribed Coligyl drops. Please advice if it is ok to give vaccine now or will it affect my baby?

A. Preterm babies are now given vaccines at the time of discharge. Please consult your pediatrician for advice and next steps.


Q. Are painless vaccines banned? What should I choose for my child?

A. Vaccines that are less painful are not banned.


Q. Once I get my baby home from the hospital, what are the next vaccines that needs to be given?

A. The next set of vaccines are advised at 6 weeks: Polio, Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Rotavirus, Hep B, HIB, and Pneumococcus. Some are not given in government facility but are good vaccines and should be given. Please consult your pediatrician for further details.


Q. My daughter usually does not get fever or is even cranky after vaccination. She had fever just once. They say that fever indicates effectiveness. Now she does not get one and am happy about that. But hope fever and effectiveness are really not related!! Also I had missed rotavirus second dose. Rest all vaccination is up to date. Are flu vaccinations necessary though I got her the 2nd dose today?

A. Fever and effectiveness of vaccine have no correlation. Flu vaccine can be given after six months. This year with swine flu and other flu in circulation, you can opt for it this year.


Q. I am the father of 2 months and 13 days baby boy. He was given the following vaccines after his birth?

  1. On 17/05/2017: a) OPV O b) BCG & c) Hep-B 1 (Bevac Hepatitis B vaccine (rDNA)I. P. (All at nursing home at the time of delivery).
  2. On 28/06/2017: a) Panta 1st, (Govt.) b) FIPV 1st & (Govt.) c) OPV 1st. (Govt.) On 1/07/2017: a) Rotavirus vaccine (live Attenuated, oral) IP {Rota rix} & b) Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Conjugate vaccine(Adsorbed) Ph.Eur.,13 – valent {Prevent 13} (Above 2 given at Private Paediatrician)
  3. On 26/07/2017: Dues [ What are dues from Government?]

On 1/08/2017:- Dues @ private paediatrician are:- a) Rotavirus 2 b) PCV 2

My questions are:

  1. Am I going in the right direction?
  2. What are the dues on 26/07/2017 from government side?
  3. Did we miss any other vaccine at this moment?

A. You should have at least 1 month of gap between 2 sets of vaccinations. You have taken one on 28th and then another on 1st. This is not correct. Next vaccination set should not be before 1st August. You can combine government and private vaccinations but make sure they are given on the same date and not before 1st August. You can take PCV and Rotavirus in a private hospital and rest at a government hospital.


Q. Painless vs painful vaccinations, what really is the difference and which one is better?

A. Vaccination is important. Both DTwP (painful) and DTaP (less painful) are almost equal in efficiency. You can choose either based on your comfort. Please consult your pediatrician but make sure you go for vaccination.


Q. Today I got WhatsApp audio recording stating that painless Penta vaccines are banned by WHO in abroad as well as by Govt. of India. It is believed to cause autism later in life. Any suggestions on whether painless vaccines are less effective? Please give me the list of important vaccines to be taken. Till now, my baby has been given Hexaxim, is it having any side effects? So shall I change to painful injection from Hexaxim, as I heard it won’t give long run protection? I am in a dilemma, please help out.

A. Vaccination is important both DTwP (Painful) and DTaP (less painful) are almost equal in efficiency. So it is important to vaccinate them. You can choose either based on your comfort level. The fact that painless vaccines are banned is not true. Also there is no link to autism. It has no major side effects. If you have finished 3rd dose of Hexaxim, it is not required. If you are really worried, you can opt for the painful DPT when you take the booster dose at 1.5 years.


Q. I have to take my baby for vaccination this week, what precautions and preparations should I do before and after the vaccination.

A. Please don’t over-feed your baby before vaccination as some oral vaccines can be vomited out by the baby. Post the vaccination, if the baby is uneasy or has fever please give paracetamol in prescribed doses.


Disclaimer: This Live Q&A is part of Sanofi Pasteur’s educational initiative on vaccines. The views expressed in the Live Q&A are solely those of the doctor.


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