Poor Milk Supply? Try These Homeopathic Remedies

Poor Milk Supply? Try These Homeopathic Remedies

17 Aug 2017 | 2 min Read


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In the initial days of parenthood, breastfeeding takes up most of your waking and sleeping hours! Usually, moms produce enough milk to meet their baby’s requirements. However, some may experience inadequate breast milk production. Often this is a temporary phase which can be corrected with appropriate remedies and support once the cause is identified.


Common reasons for inadequate milk supply:

  1. Supplementing with formula can make your baby suckle less at the breast. This inhibits milk supply
  2. Long gaps between feeds or feeds of very short durations
  3. Excessive use of pacifiers
  4. Lack of nutrition and hydration in the mom
  5. Baby having jaundice
  6. Premature birth
  7. Lack of proper latching required for breastfeeding
  8. Low thyroid hormone i.e. mom having hypothyroidism


Homeopathic remedies to increase milk supply

Homeopathic drugs are completely safe and extremely effective in restoring or improving poor breast milk supply. These remedies can help both the mom and the baby mentally and physically.


Here are some excellent remedies that can set milk production right:



Condition: Scanty supply or absence of milk, swollen painful breasts

Indicators: Mood swings with fluctuations in milk supply

Homeopathic drug: Pulsatilla


Condition: Thin watery milk that the child refuses

Indicators: Mom sweats excessively and craves egg and dairy products

Homeopathic drug: Calcarea Carbonica


Condition: Thin watery milk

Indicators: Excessive itching on breasts with pain as if stung by a bee

Solution: Urtica Urens


Condition/Problem: Poor milk supply

Indicators: Depression in mom i.e. feeling hopeless, guilty, low all the time

Solution: Agnus Castus


Condition/Problem: Fluctuation in milk supply

Indicators: Milk flow switches breast sides

Solution: Lac Caninum


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