Tearing Your Hair Over Hair Loss? No More. Homeopathy Can Help!

Tearing Your Hair Over Hair Loss? No More. Homeopathy Can Help!

17 Aug 2017 | 3 min Read


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If you are one of those women who has never lamented about her hair quality, length or hair fall as such, you are clearly part of a global minority! And if you are one of those pulling more hair out after looking at those strands on your pillow, towel or little hair nets in your comb, then hang in there!


To begin with, find out the reasons for hair loss. They could  range from a simple correctable vitamin deficiency or anemia, to a more serious underlying health condition like a thyroid disorder.



For most women, one or more of the following lead to  hair loss!

  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Pregnancy and post delivery
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Lack of proteins and minerals in diet
  • Hereditary or genetic balding
  • Sudden and excessive weight loss
  • Too many chemical hair treatments


Treatment options abound the market, but Homeopathy is an extremely safe and effective alternative form of medicine that aims at stimulating the body’s own healing process to stop hair loss.


Here are some of the homeopathic remedies that you can consider –


Homeopathic  Remedies For Hair Loss



Fluoricum Acidum- This is a medicine made from hydrofluoric acid that is excellent for hair loss in spots and patches. It is especially good for hair fall after a prolonged sickness e.g., dengue, typhoid, tuberculosis.


Natrum Muriaticum- This is a remedy derived from common salt. This medicine is especially suited for hair fall in anemic women, and hair Loss due to hormonal imbalances especially menstrual disturbances.



Silicea – This is a remedy derived from quartz or sandstone. It helps strengthen your hair and provides nourishment to your hair. It also helps restore moisture and lends a healthy glow to the hair.



Phosphorous- This one is an excellent remedy for hair loss occurring in clumps or patches on the scalp. Hair loss due to various scalp disorders or even dandruff can be managed well with this remedy.



Kali carbonicum- This remedy is effective for hair thinning or brittle hair as it helps to enhance hair growth.


Lycopodium- This has been regularly used for premature balding or greying of hair. Women during pregnancy or after delivery who suffer from extreme hair loss benefit tremendously with this medicine.



With these, say bye to bad hair days!

Disclaimer: BabyChakra does not promote self-diagnosis or self-medication. The views expressed here are by a homeopathic consultant and are purely for informative purposes.

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