You Know You Are a Mom If You Have Done These Weird Things

Pregnancy is the time when the whole world decides to dump all its collective wisdom onto you, whether you want it or not. And some of that is downright bizzare. But compared to the things that you are expected to do as a new parent, listening to all that advice seems a saner option. I have put together a list of funny/weird things that new parents, specifically moms do.


I am sure you will be nodding your head vigorously to this list if you have gone through pregnancy and childbirth. As weird as they may be, we have done all of these funny things as new moms.


Lying down on the operation table


If you’ve had a c-section you know this feeling of being awkwardly available to a ‘mob’ of doctors. Thank GOD for anesthesia, even if it is only partial.




Meeting the same set of doctors who have “seen all of you” again for consultation embarrassing




Staring at the li’l one after it has just popped out, wondering what just happened?




Pressed your boobs like crazy to, of course, turn on the milk faucet!




Have dissected poop kinds, colours and frequencies and aced the subject like no other.




Zipped up that mouth. Yup, not a single bad word!!




Have sung lullabies, even if you cannot sing to save your life otherwise  




Donated all your sleep to your husband. And guess what he does with it?? Sleeps for the rest of his free time, while you continue to slog that hurt!




Picked noses. No descriptions, you know how that feels! I feel you sister, but don’t cry, that’ll just mean one more nose to clean!




Outwitted Sherlock Holmes and tried every trick in the book to figure out why exactly is the baby crying.




Always carry a mini planet along – there are probably 2 black holes in the universe, one in space, one in your bag! It can suck up and secure almost everything!




Stack up on diapers and wipes like you head the diaper mafia!





Have had at least one meltdown, like this, everyday


Source: media.tenor 


Did I miss anything? Do let me know in comments.

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Comments (11)

all of it true

so so so true... i was actually cleaning my handbag and literally i was carrying a supermarket with me!

Awesome read... Was laughing and relating it to my situations

so very true..  and with 2 kids its a war zone i live in... very well described

hahahahaha so true !! infact until three months of a baby . I kept telling my husband it feels unreal and I don't feel  "mom-like" . . a few days later I had to clean his nose and believe it or not but THAT was the first time when I felt like a responsible mom

haha such a good read n so true!! loved the visuals!!!

Write-up which relates to my situations....

super cool.. exactly relating to every new mom..

it's same as my situation

it's same as my situation

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