How To Help My Child Learn Sensory Activity Series - Feely Bag: 2-3 Years

This bag is full of surprises! A treat for the five senses, Feely Bag is a dip into the unknown! Now, isn’t that the perfect sales pitch to get your child interested in this ‘mysterious’ game! Challenge your child’s imagination by choosing a wide range of things to put inside.


Activity: Feely Bag


How it will help your child: It enhances their visual, tactile and auditory skills along with logical thinking


Materials needed: A cloth bag, collection of household objects (anything that is safe for the child to touch and play with) eg – spoon, pearl necklace, cotton balls, caps, empty box, piece of sponge, tooth brush, soft toys, feather, comb, foil paper, toy car, cloth piece etc..

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  • Choose objects that the child is familiar with and has had lot of experience using
  • Place them one at a time in the cloth bag
  • Your child can then reach into the bag, touch the object and try to guess what it is by its shape, texture, size or even the sound it makes!

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You are all set now!


How to play with your child: Encourage your child to use all other senses apart from sight. Give clues as the child touches objects (e.g. this is something that you wear when it is hot outside) If your child is not sure, ask them questions like (i.e. is the object soft or hard? Is it round or square?) Ask your child to describe the objects as they try to guess. 

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