How To Help My Child Learn Sensory Activity Series - Ice Play: 2-3 Years

Ice is always a hit with children! And if it is coloured ice, then the little ones are sure to find it even more exciting! This activity is going to work out for all ages. So, let’s get started!


Activity: Ice Play

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How it will help your child: It enhances their smell, visual and touch senses.


Materials needed: Water, ice tray, popsicle sticks, food colours, plain paper or chart, food essences like rose, pineapple, orange, mango, mint or any other ones available.



  • In an ice tray, add a pinch of food colour to each cube and ¼ tsp essence of the same colour e.g. red colour – rose essence, green colour – mint essence, yellow colour – pineapple or mango essence etc
  • Now add water to each cube and mix well with a popsicle stick
  • Leave popsicle sticks in each cube and let it set overnight in the freezer. 


How to play with your child: Once the cubes are ready, let your child’s imagination take centerstage! Give your child a piece of paper and one coloured cube and let them paint. You could ask the child to smell the paper and identify the smell. Encourage them to use their hands to paint with the cubes. They can also mix two colours to get a third one.

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