10 Annoying Things People Say About Your Baby Bump

Once you are pregnant, unwanted glares, stares and advices come to you by the dozen. The same goes for the baby bump, when it begins to show. Somehow, everyone you meet has something to say, and most of them are annoying!


Are you preggers? Really? Can’t really make out ya?!! 

I can’t say for certain that they are trying to be funny or not, but they are failing at it for sure!

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OMG are you due? 

No, I’m just in my 6th Month! Thank you!

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Unsolicited gender discrimination advice: If the navel is outward it’s a girl, if it is inward, It is a boy! 

What if it’s mid way? Any ideas there, Ms. Wise?

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Can I touch it? Please , Please, I’d really love to!!

Nope, not unless you are Midas. (You remember the Midas story don’t you?? If no, GO GOOGLE!!!)

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Mine was rounder, yours is like oval – like an egg with a pointed head, or may be a balloon that’s about to burst 

Great job with the similes! Have you ever tried pursuing Grammar teaching in school? Because you are doing a horrible job being a bystander to a pregnant woman!

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Can I see it? Can you just uncover it for two minutes? 

GO AWAY before my pregnancy hormones rage and I hit someone with something!

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Umm… eating for two I see!! *Wink wink* 

Yeah, Thank You! Even Beyonce & Aishwarya & Kareena “ate for two”. Chill man! Let Ms. Pregnant have a blast while it lasts!

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Oh your belly looks so ‘tight’. But don’t worry! When you deliver, the baby is going to be tiny, everything else is just water. You know you should avoid drinking a lot of water. 

*Plz spare me the Science, PUHLEEZZZ!*

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Were you even planning? You never mentioned?! 

*Sorry, we did order for the poster guy to paste bills across town. That lousy fellow forgot!*

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Your belly is so low lying … it’s like… like … 

*Like it’s gonna hit the ground? Keep watching, it will any minute!*

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