Yoga For Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Struggling with losing weight after pregnancy? Here are some sure-fire Yoga poses to help you shed those kilos. 



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Comments (21)

Harshita Arora Nair

I wish I knew this before

Sumira Bhatia

I like thsi

Garima Singla

gud article . will follow definitely.

Artee Agrawal

This is just in time


Nice information, when is the right time to start?

Swati khurana

Is This yoga; applied for; c sec delivery?? After How many i can start it??

Priya R

I wish I knew this before

Nayana Nanaware

Yoga Day Nice Article🖒


Yes, i agree.. Yoga helped me through out the pregnancy and also post pregnancy to shed that baby fat... *Happy International yoga day everyone *

Comment image

Parampreet Kaur

i will try it


How many days after c section we can start this?

somyashree. R

After 6 month

somyashree. R

Nice article

Debasmita Chakraborty

This is exactly what I was looking for.


I wish I knew this before

Manisha Aggarwal Mittal

I had gained a lot of weight after my c section delivery pls temme when I can start doing exercise even within a year had two abortion as well

Manisha Mane

मुझे इस लेख की ही तलाश थी!

sonali shinde

11 Month's old baby


9 math old


I wish I knew this before

Sasmita Panda

3year baby I had gained a lot of weight pls tell me when I can start doing diet and exercise.

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