5 Natural Remedies to Help Heal Skin Issues in Babies

5 Natural Remedies to Help Heal Skin Issues in Babies

24 Aug 2017 | 2 min Read


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Your baby’s skin is not just soft but delicate too! It is still in its development phase and rashes, or conditions like cradle cap, infantile eczema may happen. Don’t worry, some natural remedies can help.


1. Oatmeal/Jaee:


Oatmeal should be finely ground and can be added to a bath  tub filled with lukewarm water. Mix it till the water turns milky  white. This works as a great reliever of rashes especially prickly heat rashes. It also helps in reducing inflammation and itching.



2. Sandalwood/ Chandan: Sandalwood is one sweet smelling home remedy that helps fight heat rashes. Sandalwood powder is mixed with adequate water to form a thick paste, which is then applied to the affected area for an instant cooling effect.



3. Neem: One of the most effective natural home remedies that works as an antiseptic is margosa (neem) leaves. Grind the leaves with water in a mixer-grinder to form a paste like consistency, and apply the paste on the affected areas for relief from the itching and rashes. This also helps with soothing mosquito bites.



4. Coconut oil: Coconut oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It is used especially for diaper rashes. Apply the oil before putting the diaper on your baby as it acts as a lubricant and prevents direct contact with the skin. In case of fungal rashes, add a few drops of coconut oil in lukewarm water while bathing your baby.



5. Breast milk: The most effective, simple, and completely natural remedy for rashes in newborns, which works both internally and externally is breast milk. Just applying a few drops to the affected area heals it completely without any reactions. This is because breastmilk is loaded with immunoglobulins that help combat infections.


In case of extreme redness, irritation, itching, pus etc, please consult a pediatrician.


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Disclaimer: BabyChakra does not promote self-diagnosis or self-medication. The views expressed therein, are of a homeopathic pediatrician and are purely for informative purposes.



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