Toddler Fears: #1 Fear of Going to Bed


It’s not you, it’s the fear of going to bed. Strange, but true. Bedtime triggers concerns of monsters and fear.



Remember: Never say it’s not there! By chasing the monster away from the room, you are reinforcing to your child that there was a monster in the room!

Tackling these is in your hands and you don’t need a monster-exterminating child psychologist. Instead, help your child by making him feel secure with you.



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Pranita Gawande Laddha Preety Tiwari Tana Yasso Neha Das Pooja-Kotian Kudva kejal rambhia Ritu Kalra shruti pawar Arohi Shukla mona khera

Not just toddler even my 9yr old has fear of sleeping alone.

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