How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 19 Months - Fine Motor Skills

How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 19 Months - Fine Motor Skills

Your child is 19 months old now and can do a lot more! So going forward, I am going to share with you Montessori inspired fun, developmental activities every week.


If you are new to this series, take a look at the activities for 17 months and 18 months.


Peeling Stickers - You can give them puffy stickers of any type based on their interest - like vehicles, fruits, vegetables, flowers, birds or any other. You can even give your bindis to peel off. It is not really important at this age to peel and place them at a specific place on a paper or floor. The very act of peeling is a skill to master at this age. Once they get hooked on it, they love it!



Posting thin objects - You can take a scrap cardboard box, pierce few holes in it and give your child some earbuds or straws to put inside the box. A simple, DIY, inexpensive game that can engage them for several minutes. I pasted Indian flags on ear buds and my son was supposed to insert them into the holes. It was a part of my Montessori-inspired Independence day activities.



Peg Boards - There are various kinds of peg boards available in the market these days. I have two of these. The activity requires them to hold the peg and put it in the socket. This, in turn, helps in developing their pincer grip and hand-eye coordination.




Peg Puzzle Boards - They are good for their sense of sight as well as building fine motor skills. There are varieties of themes available these days in the market ranging from fruits to vehicles to animals and others. Choose as per your child’s interest.




If your child is not interested in a certain activity, please don’t force. Put away that particular material and re-introduce after few weeks or months. Always follow your child’s lead. Activities are for bonding and enjoyment after all.


Look out for my next article in this series where I will share what all practical life activities you can do with your 19 month old child!


These activities are not only great for development of cognitive, social, emotional skills but also helps the child focus, engage willingly and have fun at the same time!


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