The Anatomy of a Mommy Brain!

The Anatomy of a Mommy Brain!

Four months into motherhood and my mommy brain has achieved such levels of complexity, that it will definitely leave the most sound of scientists completely baffled.


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While dealing with baby hurdles, it can go from, 'Leach please! I have read tonnes of literature, I TOTALLY gots this!' to 'Holy Moo! Why of why is my baby so cranky today??????' within seconds.




By now, you've attempted to replace all the profanity in your head,  that you would otherwise voice, to more child-friendly words.


However, THAT has also taken its toll because when brushing your teeth you noticed your ‘fash wash’ was 'retiring' soon and you want to use it up quickly. Yes! I wanted to use a product before its 'RETIREMENT' date ran out!


Bheja fry much? - Yes, indeed!



On one occasion, I sneezed, followed by an immediate 'bless you' only to realize a second later that I was blessings myself but I suppose there's nothing wrong with that.


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On another, I have struggled to figure out the name of a person, I have met a thousand times before. But I JUST can't remember it.


Your memory, like the frizzy mane on your head, has gone for a complete toss!


'I have entered this room, but whatever for?'

'I have this piece of cloth in my hand, what was I going to do with it?'

'You gave me my debit card? But where did I keep it?'


'I was going to add more to this post but I . . . . . . . . '


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