Diwali Festival themed Toddler Activities

Diwali Festival themed Toddler Activities

20 Oct 2014 | 2 min Read

Amruta Ramsubramaniam

Author | 37 Articles

So I decided to create Diwali toddler activities for his shelf

Here we go:


1. Language: I laminated a D for Diwali Sheet. He loves tracing the letters with his lil fingers 🙂 Later we read a story book on Diwali together! (This was his most favorite activity on the shelf). I created this story book as could not really find anything age appropriate in the book stores.



I also created flash cards to go along with the book! We had super fun time going through the different names!!



We also did a match-up activity of alphabets (I used foam stickers for the letters. I created the Diya templates on word doc and printed them on card stock paper).


2. Math: I created a simple math counting game for him. He solved it with total ease 🙂


3. Sensorial: For the sensorial trays, i created a rangoli match-up game. I created pouches of colored Rangoli for him. We had so much fun to match the colors, and learn their names.



We also did a lantern match-up activity (created this with marble paper).



We also did a gift box match-up game (printed this on a thick laminate paper).Ritwik simple loves matching-activities.



I also created this fun puzzle of front & back objects. He needed a lil bit of my help for this activity, but really enjoyed it. Such a great one for memory & logic.



Later we enjoyed lacing the garland. I color printed & cut out these leaves & flowers. A great Fine motor skills activity!



We did another fine motor skills activity where he had to put wick sticks in the lamps. (i color printed these on laminate paper and stuck ice cream sticks!)



Lastly, we did some Diwali card making activity! I set up his art tray with crayons, markers, roller stamps & some stickers. He had do much fun decorating these cards for our family. We will give these to them when we visit them over Diwali 🙂



Here is one of Ritwik’s “Work -in-progress” card!! 🙂



Have a wonderful, blessed & prosperous Diwali. Thank you for reading my posts & watching my Vlogs. Thank you for being a part of our early learning journey. God bless!











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