How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 19 Months - Language & Math

If you have been following my activity series regularly, you would have got a drift of the ideology I follow.  In this series, we look at fun, interesting, Montessori-inspired activities which allow children the freedom to learn on their own at their own pace.


Take a look at the Fine Motor Skills and Practical Life Activities for 19 months old. In this article, we would take up activities for language and math.


Matching of Various Sorts (Language) - This is a sensitive period of language and it is great if we can give them lot of inputs to increase their vocabulary. It can be done by matching exercises where they can match pictures with the corresponding objects. You can see in the pictures where I have used animal figurines (bought from local market) and their corresponding pictures (I bought sheets that are available in stationary shops for project works – 5 Rs each). A super, simple DIY that can be enjoyed for long by toddlers.




This one is from my India-themed activities; my son is matching the figurines to pictures.



This one is from my Janmashtami theme activities, my son was supposed to match the magnetic letters to the letters written on the magnetic white board. I had not introduced him to letters formally back then but this was just a pattern matching.



You can do many more such DIYs and help your child acquire more and more of vocabulary from different categories.


Puzzles (Language) - To start with, you can give your child simple two piece puzzles like these – this one is to match animals with their babies.



Sorting (Math) - If your child is comfortable with matching, and enjoys sorting too, you can give various kinds of sorting exercises like this one in the picture – my son is sorting colored balls into the respective colored containers. Matching and sorting are precursors to Math.



Watch out for my last article for 19 months in this series, where I will share free play and pretend play activities!


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Comments (3)

radhi anand

Thanks Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction);; for the useful article.. Where did you get those colourballs!?

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

radhi anand; those colored balls are a part of another toy that is used to build 3d structures. Got it from a Facebook toy group. You can easily use coloured table tennis balls for this purpose

Gunjan Bhatla

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction) dear my baby is a hyper active baby. He can not sit at one place for more than a minute. M trying to involve him in so many activities, but all in vein. I tried to read stories for him, dat too doesn't worked. Whatever materials I have for d activities he used to throw n run away. Pls guide how to make him sit at one place for sone time.

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