Biker. Entrepreneur. Single Mum. Meet Moksha Jetley

Biker. Entrepreneur. Single Mum. Meet Moksha Jetley

She had to leave her husband’s family with a new-born when her mother-in-law tried to physically harm the child since she was a girl.


At 27, Moksha had to fend for herself and her baby.


I was clear that my daughter is my first priority. If parents do not get along well, what will the poor kid do except trying to make sense of the situation? If the father is difficult, and the mother keeps living in self-pity, where will the kid go? I feel, a mother has a greater responsibility towards her kids. She has to make sure that before she delivers a kid, she is capable of providing a healthy atmosphere to her baby. God has made women so strong that she can take care of herself and her kids very well.”


But how did she manage to be the caregiver and the breadwinner? There were some tough decisions that Moksha had to make and live upto. Prachi, her daughter, lived with her maternal grandparents till she was 11 years of age. That ensured a happy environment for her.



She learnt good eating habits from her grandparents and has happy memories of them. She remembers sleeping with her granny and loved her bedtime stories. My brother, (just a decade older to Prachi), got her ready for school, prepared her breakfast, packed her tiffin and dropped her to school on his bicycle.“
I used to discuss everything about transformation in a woman’s body. I helped her transition into puberty smoothly. I feel that was very important and I cannot thank God enough for his graciousness.”

I always loved riding the bike and I wouldn't leave any chance to ride one. I did a recce tour in 2008 and after a successful tour, I formed my own agency.


I love her sense of pride in me. I am blessed to have a daughter like her who is my best friend too. All my expeditions have themes like - ‘Save the Girl Child’, Proud to be a Woman and ‘Daughters are Precious’. I dream of a better society for our daughters and Prachi inspires me tremendously to move forward in this direction.

Advice for BabyChakra Moms to bring up a child like yours!

Kids can’t be left to figure out on their own - what’s right and what’s not. It is very important to spend quality time with your kids, no matter how busy you are. Keeping them busy with mobiles or TV games, will only ruin their beautiful childhood as they need you at this stage. I have always been an outdoor person and hardly watch TV or use mobile. Prachi has got the same habits. She likes to keep herself healthy and fit. 

It is not good to be over-protective or critical. Let the kid face life and have her own experiences, which are always different than ours. Give them the confidence that you are always there for them, no matter what. Guide them but don’t insist that they must do what have been asked. What is right for us may not necessary be good for them. Change is the only constant. Accept and respect the change gracefully. The more we make them independent and give them space, the better it is for them. We often forget that life remains uncertain and we are not going to be in this world forever. It is our duty to make the child mentally, morally and emotionally so strong that in the time of eventuality, the kid stays strong and is capable of facing any challenge.
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