Pink For Girls And Blue For Boys. Said Who and Why? Do We Really Know?

My son's favourite colour is Pink. His choice of cake/toys/T shirts  etc are mostly Pink! And this seems to be a very serious concern and point of disagreement for people around him.


I hear everyone telling him - “No! No! not pink, choose a blue”, and they keep advising me to discourage him from making that choice of Pink every time!


I fail to understand this gender-based colour selection theory and really want to know the logic behind such a predominant social notion.


As the mother of a 2.5 year old boy, I thoroughly enjoy my son’s obsession for pink and take pride in the fact that he understands colours and makes his own decisions when it comes to choosing colors. I appreciate that he has an opinion and is courageous enough to voice it!


By choosing pink over any other colour, he will not become a girl, right? Rather, he is being someone who makes choices irrespective of gender! I am sure no one would have objected if he had chosen any other colour like a green,yellow or blue! Why is a choice of pink as a favorite color by a toddler boy such a serious concern?


As a mother, I could only see that he is fond of colours and likes choosing independently. I think he looks great in pink as he smiles a lot when he lays his hands on pink and looks sooo happy!


So with lots of love, I like it when my son's favourite colour is Pink and that doesn't worry me at all! It rather assures me that in future, he can be a gentleman who pink-loving girls will love too :-)


Lots of love from mumma who loves Pink too!!


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Comments (16)

This is just in time

hi... i had read somewhere that in early 1900, the US textile industry had promoted pink as a girly color... n since then somehow pink n blue got associated with genders.. it was all to mint money.. and as usual we indians ape the west without even understanding the real logic or the ulterior motive.. sigh..
colors are colors.. whether pink or blue or orange or yellow.. whatever be it.. they are meant for all.. boys n girls alike..

I agree. How can something like a color associated with a gender? This is just making our and our childs thinking narrow. Boy and girls have their natural inclination..Let them be with that

m also agree..colors r colors..Sanvi wear all colors nd she looks more adorable in blue..thn why only pink..

This is so well written.

Ruchita Dobriyal this is awesome!!

exactly! I am a girl and I looovee blue . . I totally agree with you that kids should be allowed to be their own person and chose the colours they like.  . no matter society would allow us to think

Hey me too love blue. I want my baby to wear any colour.

Well done

When you check online Amazon, online site) they segregate boys and girls things from clothes to diaper bags. All dark colours are boys and pinks are for girls. It's frustrating to order something.

Even I love blue colour and my son likes pink....

Very well written

since from a long time it's coming as pink for girls and blue for boys, let's make a change and do vice versa, pink for boys and blue for girls, anyways I believe every colour has its own importance, let d baby decide which colour dey love s most

I think every colour has its own importance and we should leave on our kids to decide whatever they like.lets not impose Colors as gender segregation

This is just in time

Mera baby 15 months ka hai use aab kaise and kis khilono ki jarurat hai yaa dena chahiye

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