How Johannah Carries on With Life After Losing Her Son

How Johannah Carries on With Life After Losing Her Son

Johannah Hull is a proud mother of two - 6-year-old Natalie and forever 19-month-old Jared. Her fate betrayed her when her 19-month-old little champ was chosen by the gods for a place in heaven instead of his mother’s arms.


Her story in her own words:


It was like any other day, he jumped around the house with joy seeing me get back home from Zumba. He had recovered from a stomach infection and was hungry. Lunch, bananas and chocolates made him smile.


He walked to me and said, “Mamma, Mamma eat....” I smiled and said, “What are you eating?” and he ran out. A few minutes later, my daughter, who was in the same room as him, came and told me, 'Mamma, come see Jared is sleeping so peacefully on the floor, don't disturb him, okay?'


My heart sank. I hadn't heard those words before. He was peacefully sleeping but this time forever. He never woke up.


His first and last words were MAMMA. We later found out - he had choked on a marshmallow.



About Jared - Jared was a very naughty, fun loving boy. He loved his bike rides with his daddy, playing with his sister and he needed to have me around constantly. He loved selfies and would pose with various expressions.


He loved singing and dancing and above all playing football. He liked cycling and his milk. The day before he passed away, he watched his first movie in a theatre, Moana.


He loved to sing Twinkle twinkle little star in his own words.


My daughter sings for him and talks to him. She bids him good night before she sleeps. She misses her Baby Brother Best Friend Forever (she always called him that and came up with that name).


Sources of Strength

My source of strength and comfort are my husband and 6-year-old daughter Natalie. Every single time I'm down and under, they've been there to get me back up again.



Professionally, Johannah is the Founder and Director of RedtaN Design Solutions (RedtaN - named after her children JaRED and NATalie).  She is an expert in public relations and corporate communications and has worked for leading multinational companies in the past. She is also a part of the Angel Summit team as a Marketing and Content Head.


She left the corporate world after the birth of her second child, her son, Jared. She took up various part-time and freelance roles and ensured that she spent a lot of time with her children. She is a licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor and a fitness enthusiast. She loves writing, singing, baking with her daughter and cooking for her loving husband, who is a qualified doctor but chose to be a full time musician instead. She plays the descant recorder too.


A moment of courage

There have been a few moments where I thought I won't be able to make it and some force has helped me float again.


We traveled to Bangalore on my son's birthday on April 30th, when he should have turned 2. We attended a culinary workshop with our daughter and met such amazing people who prayed for us and told us we were strong.


My husband's Photography Exhibition. We met 30 amazing women and our theme was 'The ordinary city of extraordinary women'. Meeting these women and talking to them made us realise that life puts people through different tests and troubles.


The Angel Summit in Mumbai was my first big public event and I didn't know if I could do it. I met amazing people and interacted with a lot of people. Guess what, my husband flew in from Hyderabad and was with me the whole day. He's my strength and my pillar.




You all make a lovely family, Johannah and probably the purest of them all was chosen to leave this world. It takes all the strength in this universe for a mother to put up a smile even amid such a loss.


May you, your husband and little Natalie be eternally blessed!



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