The Colours Of Courage: Kavita Baluni Tells Us About Being An Adoptive Mother To A Baby With Down's Syndrome

The Colours Of Courage: Kavita Baluni Tells Us About Being An Adoptive Mother To A Baby With Down's Syndrome

Kavita Baluni, 27 years old, formerly a preschool teacher, is now mother to her little fairy, Veda, who is afflicted with Down’s Syndrome. But that doesn’t affect Kavita at all. Her better and stronger half, Himanshu Kaktwan is an IT professional.


In fact, the couple is delighted that she has accepted them so well. Veda is a happy and loving child and Kavita says she couldn't have asked for more. Veda has been through a lot even as a baby yet wakes up with a smile every morning!


She is really fond of colors, loves to observe things and people whenever we take her out and last but not the least, she loves food!


Kavita hails from Garhwal, Uttarakhand but has pretty much lived and travelled across the country since her father was in the Armed Forces.


Kavita’s story in her words:


Adopting a girl child has always been on my mind. The way girls are usually treated in our society always made me sad and I felt worse about those who don’t have a family to look after them. So, I promised myself that one day I was going to give a girl a home. My husband and I never dreamt of adopting a child with special needs but I believe we were destined to. When we were in the US, we saw a few kids with ‘Down Syndrome’ and it set us on a search out of curiosity. We spent the next few weeks and months gathering information about Down’s syndrome. As we got more into it, we were really inspired to adopt a baby with the disorder as we couldn’t find any reason not to do so!


We came back to India this year and got ourselves registered under CARA. As there is no waiting time for kids with special needs, we got our baby in 45 days from the date of registration. She was 15-months-old when we first met her. In 2 visits, all we wanted was to bring the baby back with us. Within 45 days of registration, Veda came home.



Source of Strength

One and only, my husband. Even before our marriage when I met him, I shared my thought of adoption and he took it really positively. So, we decided that we will have our first child through adoption. I have never had to worry about what others would think or how they would react because he has been by pillar of strength all through.



Moment of courage

We were living in USA since two years as my husband was assigned a project there. Being Indian citizens in US, we were not eligible to adopt through CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority of India). So, moving to India was really a tough step for us as we knew we couldn’t go back to USA for at least two years. Our life was going to change personally and professionally too. That phase was really tough but we sailed through.



Kudos to Kavita and her husband for such a bold step taken so effortlessly and with love! May all our children grow up amid many more parents like you! God bless little Veda and both of you!


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