Going Beyond Labels: Preeta, on Raising a Baby & Venture Together! 

Going Beyond Labels: Preeta, on Raising a Baby & Venture Together! 

It all started with Preeta’s search for that perfect white shirt. If she had found the perfect one, The Label Life may not have materialised at all.


Preeta Sukhantar is the CEO of The Label Life. The team at TheLabelLife.com puts together a closely edited signature collection of inspired pieces for the home and wardrobe styled by pros with a keen sense of chic. And these pros include Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora and Bipasha Basu. They definitely know their stuff, don’t you agree?


The philosophy at The Label Life is that if you are looking for a white shirt, they will give you four that you can actually wear not ten that you may want to choose from. In Preeta’s own words, “We are stylists who choose for you”.       


Along with starting off on her entrepreneurial journey, Preeta also embarked on an intensely personal journey at the same time - she adopted her daughter.  


Here is the story of the fashionista in her own words.


With a career spanning PR and editorial roles in some of the biggest media and print houses in the country back then, I found myself with absolutely no brands to shop within India. I was unable to find a brand that retailed style-forward pieces designed for Indian women. To fill this gap, I envisioned a homegrown brand retailing western wear and home decor in sync with international trends but curated by experts from the field - cue Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora and Bipasha Basu. The challenge has always been scaling the business without losing the personal touch.


Around the same time that I started out on my own professionally, I also decided to adopt my daughter. It may have been a risky decision, foolish even, to venture into unchartered territories at the same time.



Sources of strength:



And that is absolutely true in my case. My family - my mother and my sister, my team, my friends everyone has a share in bringing up my child. On days when my daughter does not want to go to school, I know that I can bank on my team to hold the fort for me while I work from home. On days when I am not able to get back in time, I know that my mother and sister are around. There was a friend who I know can come over anytime or whose place I can send my daughter to on a difficult day.   


Moment of Courage:



Preeta, we are glad you did not find that white shirt! And we are sure you are rocking motherhood as much as you are dazzling the start-up scene!


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