Namitha Heard Of Liver Transplants For The First Time When Her Daughter Needed One

Namitha Heard Of Liver Transplants For The First Time When Her Daughter Needed One

Being a single parent with a young child alone can be an uphill journey. How then did Namitha Naiyar manage being a single parent in a different city, with a new job and a child with a rare disease?


With sheer grit and determination.      


This is Namitha’s story in her own words:


I was born in a small town called Palakkad in Kerala. My parents were government employees. After studying Mass Communications, I started working in an ad agency.  I got married and moved to Delhi. I separated from my husband when my daughter was a little over three years old.  I decided that it was time for me to move on. I went back to Kerala, found a new job at a radio station and began to learn my way around being a single parent.  


My daughter was quite an active child and always cheerful. At the age of 8, she suddenly fell ill and it took some time for the doctors to diagnose her condition. She was diagnosed with a rare condition called Wilson’s Disease.  It affects about 1 in 30,000 people worldwide. It causes copper poisoning in the body. The doctors told us that the only possible cure was to get a new liver for her.



For the sake of my daughter, I reached out to my ex-husband because biological parents are considered first for a liver transplant. But his liver was not a match. The next choice was me.


Today, my daughter is 14 and back on her feet. She has diet restrictions and knows the seriousness of the condition but she has taken it in her stride!    


Sources of strength: 

My daughter is my source of strength. After her operation, I got a job and moved to Dubai. Before that I did not even have a passport, leave alone travelling abroad. It was an overwhelming experience but I was joined by my daughter in six months. It has been four years since and life is beautiful! We just took a trip together recently and enjoyed the travel and all that photography, passions we both share.   



And I am doing my best to give her what I can, helping her be a kind and independent person.

Moment of courage:

I was angry and overwhelmed when my daughter was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease. I had a hundred questions - What had I done wrong? Why should my daughter have to face this?



When the time came, I mustered the strength and passed all the tests there were – both physical and mental.


We wish your daughter good health, Namitha and all the luck for your life and career ahead!


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