The Ultimate Shopping List For Mr. Husband!

We are sure you are already nodding your head in agreement even before we complete this statement that it can be quite an effort to get Mr. Husband to shop. Well, Era Gowalkar shows us how it is done right!  


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This shopping list went viral on social media when Gaurav, Era’s husband uploaded it on Linkedin and the list took off to an unexpected scale gaining over 10 lakh retweets on Twitter and over 30,000 shares on Facebook


“Since I have spent a lot of time in hostels, I am generally quite bad at ingredient shopping. I don't really understand the difference between various lentils or leafy vegetables, and often end up paying more than the required price," laughed 31-year-old Gaurav.


Era, on the other hand, professed that she is rather particular when it comes to grocery shopping. “I made lists for him right from the beginning, but I soon realised they were not quite working," elaborated the 29-year-old IT analyst, who hails from Indore. "So, I decided to make them easier to understand."


Initially, Era used at least seven or eight buying parameters per vegetable, but the lists started getting too long — the couple then decided she would just tell him the three most important parameters for each instead. And, that's how it has been going for the last five or six months.


What does your shopping list look like? Share it in comments and let us know what you think!


This article was originally published in the Times of India.


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the description

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hahahaha this is super funny

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Hahahaha...wait till you see my notes 😂

Shipra Dang Kataria

My husband does not go grocery shopping. He cant even pick salt and pepper. Even if I write a list with detailed description he cannot pick things. So me and my MIL go for grocery shopping. Since I am on bed rest so my MIL is going nowadays.

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ya so true... i can relate to potatoes..



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Sounds like so much fun.

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