I Delivered Through C Section But It Doesn't Make Me A Lesser Mom

I Delivered Through C Section But It Doesn't Make Me A Lesser Mom

I delivered my baby girl (on 1st Sep which is my husband's birthday as well ) and trust me it’s the best feeling in the world. I was in pain for 13 hours (that too intense) but my baby passed meconium (poop) in the womb and I had to deliver via C-section.


I am writing this for all the beautiful ladies out here. This is my story of  9 months of active pregnancy; walking, squatting and exercising. My husband is in the Indian Air Force and he follows a strict routine and even I accompany him.


We have had social obligations; gatherings, where I have danced  until the 7th month (of course with precautions).


I was told that I will deliver a boy as my tummy was low-lying, small, you’re not glowing, blah blah. As it’s a love marriage, it was 9 months of sheer torture from in-laws side.Restrictions,myths, presumptions etc.


Now, you must be thinking why I am telling you all this? It’s just because despite all odds, I made sure I enjoyed my pregnancy.


Throughout the 9 months, I hardly gained weight; my belly wasn’t big at all. I delivered a baby girl despite hundreds and I am not exaggerating here, hundreds of people telling me I will deliver a boy.


I delivered through  C-section which doesn’t make me a lesser Mom. Because Motherhood is all about feeling.


So all you expecting moms out there...

  • Do not believe in Myths
  • Do not relate weight gain and the health of your baby
  • Always listen to your body and believe in yourself
  • Trust your gynaec
  • People will tell you thousands of things but don’t let that affect you
  • Those 9 months won’t come back. If you are stressed, it will affect the baby so keep all issues to do with  in-laws, neighbours, and friends aside.
  • Bond with your baby, talk with to her/him in the womb, listen to music, laugh,enjoy, dance ,do whatever you feel like.
  • Last and most important, trust in God, have faith as everything is planned for your good.


We are all blessed to bring another life on this earth.


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