I Delivered Through C Section But It Doesn't Make Me A Lesser Mom

I delivered my baby girl (on 1st Sep which is my husband's birthday as well ) and trust me it’s the best feeling in the world. I was in pain for 13 hours (that too intense) but my baby passed meconium (poop) in the womb and I had to deliver via C-section.


I am writing this for all the beautiful ladies out here. This is my story of  9 months of active pregnancy; walking, squatting and exercising. My husband is in the Indian Air Force and he follows a strict routine and even I accompany him.


We have had social obligations; gatherings, where I have danced until the 7th month (of course with precautions).


I was told that I will deliver a boy as my tummy was low-lying, small, you’re not glowing, blah blah. As it’s a love marriage, it was 9 months of sheer torture from in-laws side.Restrictions,myths, presumptions etc.


Now, you must be thinking why I am telling you all this? It’s just because despite all odds, I made sure I enjoyed my pregnancy.


Throughout the 9 months, I hardly gained weight; my belly wasn’t big at all. I delivered a baby girl despite hundreds and I am not exaggerating here, hundreds of people telling me I will deliver a boy.


I delivered through  C-section which doesn’t make me a lesser Mom. Because Motherhood is all about feeling.


So all you expecting moms out there...

  • Do not believe in Myths
  • Do not relate weight gain and the health of your baby
  • Always listen to your body and believe in yourself
  • Trust your gynaec
  • People will tell you thousands of things but don’t let that affect you
  • Those 9 months won’t come back. If you are stressed, it will affect the baby so keep all issues to do with  in-laws, neighbours, and friends aside.
  • Bond with your baby, talk with to her/him in the womb, listen to music, laugh,enjoy, dance ,do whatever you feel like.
  • Last and most important, trust in God, have faith as everything is planned for your good.


We are all blessed to bring another life on this earth.


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Woah!Your first article!😍❤Congrats darls!!

congratulations nancy singh post bann gya article...😁😁
Keep going...Keep rocking..  Love you tons.

Experience, beautifully expressed thru words

This is so well written.

Wow it's an article now. great Nancy. A mum is a mum no matter how she delivered. 😍😘😘

Totally loved this article Nancy!!!!! Congrats on the articel !!

Haaye so much in two days first ama , then article mera mann kar raha hai aaj dance kar hi lu 😆&##128518;&##128518;

This is just in time

This requires maximum tags.. I see so many ladies fretting over this C Section for nothing in baby chakra.

lovely article!!! congratulations for your first. aj to dance kar hi Lo coz u Rock!!! nancy singh

This is so well written. I love the way you looks everything so positive

This is so well written.

Congrats on your first article.; Keep going girl.;

very well written..dear
n congratulations💐💐

you go sis!!!😘😘😘

wow oh wow... this is a superb article! Congrats dear!

Sounds like so much fun.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

awesome.... #beingpositive ..

Congratulations!! Loved it... This is so well written.

Hey wow! Post bana article!!! Congrats nancy!!

good one again :)

good article,loved your spirit to be mom. even i had c section. and telling ppl that i will have boy :)

Wow..nancy very interesting..dear,,👍👍👍👍👍👍

it s well written or expressive feeling of motherhood .

exactly the same thing hpnd for me... everyone told il deliver a boy.. and i was in labour for 13 hours nd ended up having a c section

i had 2 c section within the span of 2 years. both my babies wer floating till end. my 1st baby was 3.8kg

wow congratulations nancy.. its well written.. nd u look so beautifull

even I had the experience...
I can correlate with u.. my husband is not in air force n I delivered on 30sep but our story is perfect match

I too had 2 c section within the span of 2 years. both my babies wer floating till end. my 1st baby was 3.8kg n 2nd one was 2.5 kg n everyone tells many things during pregnancy

Wow.. great work. And yes whatever way you deliver it doesn't matters. All it matters is the unconditional love for the child. #mommyhood #momstar

congrats new mom..

Subrb article nancy singh love it

beautifully written :)

beautifully written :)

beautifully written :)

waw its help me too much bcuz nw i passing with difficult situations

superb . must read for to be moms. 

just same happened with me

I wish I knew this before

This is so well written.

vry well written

nancy singh; this is so well written. I too had a c sec and believe in the same. A mother is a mother

thanks nany very nice articel c section mommy's ke liye

V nyc and appreciate...i m inspired u....
Mujhe yhi dar rehta hi agr mera c section hua to vapas apne figure per aa paungi ki nahi

Sounds like so much fun.

I can relate well with this.. Stress really affects baby.. But keep up the spirits

Nice dear i totally agree vit u😊

V nyc article

My baby boy also delivered on my birthday.....09 dec 17

Very wellnsaid dear

Wow,, very well expressed experiences....

Really enjoyed reading. Many of us can relate our journey...

V NYC article

Hey nancy.... ur n mine cndtns are quite similar.... my hubby is in merchant navy and he is in sailing since last 5mnths ..on this 20th march i delivered baby boy while my hubby is still in sailing.... hundred s of people told me that i will deliver baby girl but i delivered baby boy.... so this is totaly a god gift.. only god knows what is inside our womb...

This is so well written.

Great article nancy.. let's party

This is so well written.

You have written so well

So nicely written..... Beautiful article dear...

Actually there is so much pressure u get when u r pregnant for normal delivery, I was no different done everything and had C section but that doesn't make me less mother. I think instead of focussing a way of delivery or putting pressure on the would be mom. Everyone should focus on wellbeing of her and her child. It needs to stop.

So nicely written Nancy Singh !wel done👏👏

Keep going

Amazing dear it was happening same with me also... Well written..

Wow.... beautiful post Nancy...so many women think a c section is just because you don't want to go thru pain of a normal, but there so much to a c section...love you loads ♥️

This is so well written. Congratulations on writing such a beautiful article and expressing your feelings..

Wow!! Mommy hats off to you May God bless you and your little angel with all the good health and happiness 😁

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