Raise A Smart Baby With These Super Simple Steps

Raise A Smart Baby With These Super Simple Steps

23 Oct 2017 | 2 min Read

Anisha Agarwal

Author | 18 Articles

Babies’ brains are buzzing with activity at super speed. All they need is a lot of good stimulation right from the day they are re born. Here are little things you could try with a three-month old to give his/her brain a good massage.


  • Take a tour- Go from room to room and choose one item to show the baby. Describe the item’s name, color, size, etc.
  • Play with the light switch. Turn the light switch on and say,”On.” Flip the switch down and say, “Off.”
  • Look in the mirror with baby
  • Talk. A lot
  • Hold baby close, turn on your favorite song and dance, dance, dance!
  • Introduce stuffed animals. Grab a couple stuffed toys and talk to the toy and then talk to baby
  • Lift baby gently in four directions and say, “Up, down, left, right.”
  • Say, “hello,” and say, “good bye.” Everytime you walk in or out of the room
  • Read to your baby on your lap
  • Give tummy time. Some babies hate it. Some babies love it…
  • Name different body parts. Place your hand on baby’s head and say, “head.” Place  your hand on his feet and say, “feet.”
  • Show flash cards. Show your baby numbers, letters and simple  pictures.


Here’s to raising a smart little one!

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