Food Will Soon Fly Into Our Mouths

Food Will Soon Fly Into Our Mouths

Move over forks, spoons and plates.


Researchers from the University of Sussex have found a way to make food fly straight into our mouths. Of course, it will have to be the size of a pea but that is besides the point.


Food will fly into our mouths!


For those who are interested in the technical details, the scientists have found a way to use high-frequency sound waves to make food float.


What is more interesting is that this floating could change the taste of the food. So sweets may taste sweeter and bitter things will taste pleasant.


Can you imagine the possibilities? We could use it to make food fly into the mouths of toddlers throwing a tantrum during meal time, make them gulp down medicines, and what not!


How do you think flying food will help you? Get creative with your answers moms!


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