Parents- Is Your Child Truly Addicted To The TV?

Parents- Is Your Child Truly Addicted To The TV?

I am a new mommy to a 7 month bubbly baby boy. Our solid food journey is just completing 2 months and while his intake is increasing, unfortunately my patience isn’t. As children grow, it’s difficult to get them to commit to sitting in one place for 15 mins for their food and we as parents have to resort to loud, colorful video screens for help.


While we were breastfeeding, 10 mins is all it took to finish each feed and both of us were happy. Cut to today- a small bowl of kichdi takes at least 30 mins to feed! Whether working parents or not, spending almost 2 hours every single day on feeding is a MASSIVE waste of time. With the video assist, the feeding time has been drastically cut down to 10 mins and both mama and beta are relieved. There is no ask for the screen throughout the day- he is immensely happy playing with his noisy toys.


Before we go shouting from the rooftops about the bad effects of too much screen time, the question we parents must truly ask- “ Is your child truly addicted to the TV?” Is the TV screen his best friend? Does he/she throw a tantrum for it- even though it’s not “eating” time? If not- then I honestly think you don’t have anything to worry about. Now they may be dependant on the screen, with increased social interaction, their habit will break!


Even though my kid watches for 15 mins in the day ( he is only 7 months old), I am willing to make the compromise as it saves a monumental amount of time for me- which in turn I can spend as quality time with my son. The first birthday milestone is around the corner and moderation will be the key.


Parents- give yourself a break. It’s ok to let the screen do some of the attention holding. They’ll grow up and grow out of it. Have faith!


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