Toddler Tantrum 2: In The Supermarket

Toddler Tantrum 2: In The Supermarket

Been there, done that.

It’s a classic. Amidst aisles of biscuits, he’ll just bring the cart to a halt and start pulling things off the shelves. You give him a look and ‘Waahnn!’


What choice do you have? You run! Just leave everything and run! But what do you do when you really have to get something and can’t run?

Here’s what you do!



Fatigue, lack of ability to convey what he is feeling, hunger, boredom, are contributors. The best tool to tackle this is to empathize. Let your child know you hear him.

He’s smart and knows you can be manipulated.
This is the place where you turn to ‘I must ignore this’ mode and have the last word. He possibly might roll on the floor, kick his arms or legs, but best thing to do is not to give in.



Tips on managing tantrums:

  • Limit the time you spend in the supermarket.
  • Before you go in, remind your child of the rules and what is expected of him in the store.
  • Allow him a single purchase at the end of the trip. It gives them purpose to sit through.
  • Involve the child by asking questions and assigning chores.
  • Be liberal with praise on their behavior


And if he begins to throw a  tantrum? ‘Look away and ignore until the tantrum is over! Don't worry about what other people in the store think-they probably are happy that the child isn’t theirs!  


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