This Woman Has Found A Unique Way Of Putting A Baby To Sleep


You have to watch the video to believe it!



Isn’t it amazing? This woman actually put the baby to sleep with the sound of tap water flowing in the background!


How do you put your baby to sleep? Share with us in comments.


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Comments (7)

Sumira Bhatia

What a waste of water! 😱🙈 I sing to my baby and sway him

Jyothi Borkar

Even i felt the same..  Waste of water...   I sing for baby..  Or switch on the baby sleep app...   Or i act like sleeping ;)

Dr. Payal M

Its also a kind of dependence to put baby to sleep. Will need a tap everytime everywhere she goes

Sonam zarin

instead one can use rain sounds....  i use soothing musics to make my baby sleep.There are many on you tube.


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Mahi raj rawat

This doesn't work for me because..

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