Medical Reasons To Avoid Sex During Pregnancy

For most women, sex is considered safe during pregnancy. However, it is important to check with your doctor because there could be some medical reasons where it is not advisable. Each pregnancy is different and it is best to be safe than sorry.


Your baby has a very strong protection as it is surrounded by amniotic fluid and a very tough uterine lining which will protect the baby from some normal movements.


However, your doctor may ask you to abstain in certain conditions. You may want to have your partner along for the prenatal check-ups so that he is also able to understand the situation and support you.


Here are some conditions which may pose a concern:

  1. If you have a low lying placenta or placenta previa
  2. If you have a history of preterm labor or are at risk for preterm labor in this pregnancy
  3. If you have had incidences of vaginal bleeding during the pregnancy
  4. If you have a short cervical length or if it appears that your cervix is dilating
  5. It is a good idea to abstain once your bag of waters has broken as now infections can pass to the baby
  6. If you or your partner has active genital herpes or other infections which can be sexually transmitted
  7. If you experience discomfort or pain during intercourse


Please don’t be afraid to ask questions to your doctor. It may seem like an embarrassing discussion but it is worth it to understand your own medical conditions.


The above list is not all inclusive and there may be other medical conditions as diagnosed by your doctor for your specific situation.


If you have been asked to abstain, you can find other ways to pleasure your partner like cuddling, intimate conversations, massages and more. Just remember that if it has been contraindicated for the mom she may also need to avoid orgasms and nipple stimulation so be careful.


Get creative with how you want to seek pleasure and enjoy!


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Shipra Dang Kataria

I wish I knew this before

Sonu Sangwan

Y? have u faced; any problem ...after intercourse in ur; pregnancy?

Gayatri Thakur

I wish I knew this before

Shradha Damle

What do u mean by the last line: Just remember that if it has been contraindicated for the mom she may also need to avoid orgasms and nipple stimulation so be careful.

kanchan wadhwa

It's my first trimester going on. So, when is the time or week to have safe sex!? I am too scared as i'd one abortions earlier, so i just wanted to be sure ans safe.

Deepashree Santosh

You can have sex in the second trimester...that's between 4 to 7 month...only if you are comfortable....1st n last trimester are not safe for the baby

Sonali Shivlani

Shradha if the doctor has said that sex should be avoided it could mean that there is a risk factor. Nipple stimulation and orgasm can increase oxytocin release and this needs to be avoided if sex is contraindicated in your case.

Sonali Shivlani

Kanchan most doctors will ask you to abstain in the first three months and the last couple of weeks. However this totally depends on your pregnancy and you should check with the doctor. Since you have had an abortion the reason for the abortion will be considered by the doctor before giving you the go ahead.

Mayuri kourwar

This is just in time

R Goldsmiths

This is just in time


Thanks for the info, it's not late nor early........ it really helped.


This is so well written.

Malik Tawseef

My wife is pregnant

Malik Tawseef

In 6th mounth

Sk Rehan

Hi I m sex

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