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Calming The Fears of The First Day of Kindergarten

Calming The Fears of The First Day of Kindergarten

7 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Shree Venkatesh

Author | 13 Articles

A flood of emotions invaded us as we watched our twins walk into their classroom with their Spiderman backpacks…. There was a mixed wave of feelings as I saw them sprint away  into a new phase of life. It was tough to say goodbye to the twins.


I have been preparing them for the last  few months for this day. I have been going over the do’s and don’ts in school. Giving them small lectures on how they need to be independent . Eat by themselves and take care of their personal needs independently etc. etc. Little did I realize at that point that I was preparing myself for this day and not them .


KK have been together from the day they set foot in this world . For them everything starts and ends with each other. From the womb till their bunk bed they have always been holding hands . First time today they have been separated . They are  in different classrooms with different teachers so that they can be independent and develop their personalities in their own way .I know it is for their good but was heart wrenching to see the inseparables separated.


They were very happy to enter the new phase of life. There was excitement bubbling all over their innocent faces. They felt safe at their new school But I am not able to stop worrying about the little things …will they be able to open their snack pack, is the lid of their lunch box too tight, would they remember to take their water bottle out of the back pack, will they follow the teacher’s instructions, will they be comfortable with their new friends, what if they cry for their mommy….the thoughts are never ending .


I know lot of moms can relate to the feelings I have penned  down here. Would be unfair to leave the dads out of this emotional turbulence. For both the parents it is exciting but definitely very emotional to see their little ones enter a new phase of life to build memories of a life-time.


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