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5 Pocket-Friendly Birthday Theme Ideas For Kids

5 Pocket-Friendly Birthday Theme Ideas For Kids

8 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Sanjivini S Bhalla

Author | 3 Articles


Don’t we all secretly plan our little ones birthday parties in our heads the moment they are born? Please don’t tell me I am the only one.


In this age where everything is just a click away, it takes only 10 minutes to search for birthday party themes and get bombarded with a thousand ideas.
But when it comes to reality, the implementation of the themes seems super tough and the final outcome does not look as impressive as those pictures we saw on Instagram and Pinterest!


So here’s a list of 5 gender neutral birthday themes for kids that are relatively easy to put together when you don’t want to spend a bomb on the decor and don’t want anything very elaborate or fancy:


1- Sunshine 



A “you are my sunshine” party theme,  or “little ray of sunshine” theme is a favourite around the world. All  you need is lots of yellow decor. Yellow is associated with warmth, happiness, fun and friendship.


2- Jungle safari 



Don’t  we all love animals?  With loads of animal related props easily available at online and local stores, this theme is super easy to pull off. Children of all age group enjoy it, girls and boys alike.


3- Rainbow



One of the most vibrant and versatile themes of all times. It makes for a lovely first birthday/ cake smash theme too. You can easily find multicolored balloons, streamers, frills etc at a neighbourhood store.


4- Balloons


Another easy-peasy theme for DIY-nerds! No birthday celebrations are complete without the balloons. Use some gas balloons from your local street vendor for a classy look. You can even host balloon theme birthday games.. don’t we all have fun playing “balloon dance” and “who can blow the most balloons in a minute” games?!


5- Color schemes



When everything else fails, this would definitely work! Choose a combination of two or three popular colours and work the decor, food, outfits around it. Here are some popular colour-combination schemes that work well for both boys and girls

  • Black and gold 
  • Pastels like peach and mint
  • Pastels and metallic decor
  • Blue and green is another popular colour scheme


Hope you found this post useful. Watch this space for more such ideas!


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