Your Child is Not Your Punching Bag

Your Child is Not Your Punching Bag

10 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Harsha Girish Ramaiya

Author | 3 Articles

Anger is one of the most honest reactions of any human being. But when it comes to children, I think, we should give it a deep thought, whether this action of ours has a deep reaction on our kids emotional aspect. We all know that children imitate us very easily. They try to copy everything we do, good things will be adapted very late, but wrong or bad things will be replicated faster.


We, parents want our children to act as matured adults, though they are kids, but when it comes to us, we behave like insane (I include myself first). The kids have a strong sixth sense to understand the behavior and reaction of everyone since they are infants. They understand through our touch, our body language, our expression and last by our words. My personal experience is that they do not understand the verbal language, but through our behavior they understand and learn the most. Children are very sensitive to all kinds of reactions, whether love or anger, so why can’t they not understand our anger.


We, at times howl, scream, yell, shout at kids and most of the times this frustration of ours is not due to our kids fault but, because of our incompetence to handle the situations with balance. If we introspect any situation in which we become angry with our kids, a majority of the times its not the kids who are at fault for which they are howling at, but it’s just because that we are tied up with many things that we want our kids to do as we say and when we say, we forget that the kids have nothing to do with our commitments, they are simply the indirect victims on whom we blast our frustrations.


As adults, we first need to supervise ourselves deeply and be reasonable on how our anger is triggered on them. We should try to discipline ourselves in the manner, that we can manage and direct our anger in a proper way.


To achieve victory over our anger and channelize  it through proper medium, we need to work hard on it, as this needs regular mental exercise, which in return will surely help in a long run. Though it is going to be a long journey for us to redirect ourselves, but it’s worth an effort, after all, we all want a generation which is  emotionally balanced.


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