Ways To Improve Immunity in Children

Ways To Improve Immunity in Children

10 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Ruchi Gupta

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The biggest challenge we all are facing with urbanization in metro cities is the losing health and immunity of our children.


The environment and quality of food and air our parents were blessed with were never seen by us and now our children are a worse sufferer of the environmental changes. The severe pollution level rise in Delhi is no more a warning signal. It has brought down the health of elders, youth and kids but kids are the worst sufferer of these environmental disasters. They have not even built proper immunity, to fight against these dangers. We have given them birth and we have contributed to these disasters so we owe them these changes they need for a healthy and  a happy future.


I being mother of two children have collated few  points to work on children immunity. They may be of some help or guidance for a better and a stronger generation.


What is immunity?


The power of the human system to fight against the diseases on its own, the natural way is called as the immunity of the body.


Why is immunity important?


Since it’s the natural power of the body to fight against the odds it is the best way and the most natural. Few people have better immunity than others; such people fall sick less and have better health. A good health always means better growth. Hence immunity is the core of our health and we need to work on it from beginning.


Foods to boost immunity in children


  • Add a pinch of turmeric in milk and bring to boil. Drink this before bedtime everyday.
  • Add holy basil in water and bring to boil.  Drink this water.
  • Eat jaggery.
  • Drink fresh fruits and vegetable juices. Use amla and beetroot.
  • Drink vegetable soups in winter before dinner.
  • Have lots of fluids.
  • Drink tender Coconut water.
  • Drink a tablespoon of honey mix in luke warm water.
  • Atleast 5 nuts a day; almond (soaked preferably), cashew nuts, apricots, raisins


 Other factors to help build immunity


  • Do not bring junk food at home. Gradually replace with healthy habits.
  • Reduce eating outside, complement with homemade saviours an make family meal time a fun time.
  • Use oil camphor lamp.
  • Plant more indoor plants (oxygen bombs)
  • Keep house dust free.
  • Don’t use room fresheners or chemical based products.
  • Let the sunlight in.
  • Use homeopathic medicines as far as possible
  • Practise hygiene at home.
  • Eat fresh home cooked food.


Try to be natural and close to nature as far as possible. There are many alternatives available in market these days and all broadcast good reasons to buy them. But the questions is do we really need an artificial substitute when we have naturals. This is how our grandmothers brought our parents. We have better access to education, technology and money but let us put the three is better use and not to harass ourselves anymore. We want natural people not machines.


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