Reigniting The Spark: Making Sex Sexier

Reigniting The Spark: Making Sex Sexier

Want more from your sex life? It is time to get creative!

These romantic Hollywood movies make romance and romantic nights seems so essential and leave all of us gasping for more. Riding into the hills, getting whisked by the man, enjoying some passion in the perfect log cabin!


But the truth of the matter is that a lot of our lives, especially married lives, are in a phase where, well, sex is just something that will happen when we have time!


Most marriages enter one of the following scenarios after some years:

  • Sex is happening infrequently - or not at all
  • Sex has become routine
  • Only one partner seems to be initiating sex - and that partner is often rejected

So if you are in a place where the sex is lukewarm, it is time to go back to those romantic novels and movies and recreate some of that magic! Trust us, you will gets loads of new ideas!   


To get started, you can try these:

Leave Sexy Signals:

This is the lethal combination of adorable and sexy. The brain is the largest sex organ which needs to be stimulated. Leave a suggestive message. Give him a subtle whisper in his ear. Wear that sexy top he likes. For the husbands reading this, try cooking her breakfast!! It’s all about mental foreplay!



Remember: Follow through!! Don’t drop in all these hints and then leave the other person without any action!


Try something non-sexual

The mention of sex might make your partner feel pressurized. So try something non-sexual. On some days, it can just be the oils. Give your exhausted partner a massage, play some music, add that little touch of a candle to create the ambience. This not only relaxes nerves but eventually leads to some fun kissing and touching. Even if it doesn’t end in sex, it’s a great way to bond and get intimate.



Touch for no reason

Simple but huge measure of hints in here. A little rub on the shoulder, a peck on the cheek, a hug or just playing footsie under the dining table while the family eats; these are great stimulators.



Just talk it out

Communicate your needs to your partner. Sometimes just telling him you want it is the way to go! Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to let your husband know that he’s desirable or your wife that you just want her at that moment! Be bold. Be outspoken about it.



Just Make It Happen!

Without sounding condescending, this is something that women might take the lead on because it’s usually them who have a zillion things on mind. Don’t take marriage for granted!



There is no other night for it. This is it. So take up your spouse’s mood, need to work, children and everything else, as a challenge that you need to overcome in order to have sex this night; something just like when you were dating and broke all odds just to see each other!


Remember, it takes two to tango!

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