Meal Plans: #Week 3 (7-12 months)

It is the Children’s Day Week and we have some amazing recipes for the little ones here in Kiddy Kitchen!


These carefully chosen recipes have been put together by Healthy Eating Habits Expert Deepti Arora who has perfected the art of feeding babies well!


She has some advice for you to consider:


Offering finger foods is an ideal way of introducing new textures, tastes and nutrients to a baby who is getting used to solids. Begin by introducing soft finger foods such as carrots, cauliflower (steamed until soft), sweet potato wedges, toast and mini sandwiches.


Always remember to introduce one new food/food group at a time and let the child get accustomed to the taste, check for allergies and then move to the next.







Vegetable Combo



  • Cooked Barley
  • Peach Puree
  • Braised Spinach
  • Shredded  boiled chicken/tofu

Mix all and puree in a blender 






Sweet Potato and White Bean Puree

  • Cook white beans with cinnamon
  • Mix with sweet potato and blend it to a puree  



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Kiddy Kitchen (Infant)

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Hi .. I need for 6 months baby in the same format. Please help me out

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i wnt a plan for 2.6yr old boy pls help me out

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Meal plans of a 7 to 12 years old month is shared in this blog. I think this blog is for the mothers but we can connect it with blogs. In this way many people will read this blog.

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